From Dua Lipa to the Kardashians, wearing a pair of Moon Boots this winter is a must-have among celebrities in 2022. Industry-leading moon boots have had a regular presence for over 50 years – on Instagram, on the ski slopes, and even around in the streets as we’ve seen recently during the Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22.

Between references to the 70s aesthetics of après-ski parties and references to Y2K fashion, Moon Boots are still the most popular snow shoes in the world, and now on the streets too.

What the Moon Boots did was change the rules of sportswear. They became witnesses of a status quo, the same one photographed by Slim Aarons (i.e. the famous photographer of the European and American jet-set, who documented the life of the European aristocracy). At the feet of princesses such as Lady Diana, or the guests of the Furstenberg house, the Moon Boots became the must-have of the 70s après-ski look. Their first appearance on a catwalk was in 1994 with Chanel. This resulted in such a resounding success that it pushed the brand to collaborate with big names in the sector. From Jimmy Choo to Moncler, Fendi and Dior, up to the very recent Moon Boot x Chloe.

Credits: Slim Aarons

Very recently Hailey Bieber posed for the Victoria’s Secret ad campaign with only underwear and a low model of pink Moon Boot. Likewise, Dua Lipa posted herself on Instagram wearing a special collaboration with GCSD paired with white lingerie. Influencers are now thinking about making the Moon Boot look more accessible.

Moon boots were created in 1969 and inspired by astronauts’ boots: Giancarlo Zanatta, founder of Tecnica Group, invented a model that referred to those worn by Neil Armstrong on the moon: lightweight and waterproof boots thanks to nylon and polyurethane foam. Since then, Moon boots have become a classic, also exhibited in the Louvre among the symbols of twentieth century design. Protected by strong copyright, even Chiara Ferragni had to back down and compensate the Tecnica Group for having been “inspired” by their après-ski.

niood lists the 10 most beautiful moon boots to have:

1. MOON BOOT – Glance metallic shell and rubber snow boots

2. MOON BOOT – Glance metallic rubber snow boots

3. MOON BOOT – Shearling and suede snow boots

4. MOON BOOT – Shell and faux leather snow boots

5. MONCLER GENIUS – 8 Palm Angels + Moon Boot Adhara suede, shell and rubber snow boots

6. MOON BOOT – Shell and faux leather snow boots

7. MOON BOOT – Shell and faux leather snow boots

8. MOON BOOT – Pillow low snow boots

9. MOON BOOT – Icon snow boots

10. MOON BOOT – Tecnica low snow boots