Luxury fashion brand Moschino is making strides in expanding its control over its children’s lines through a new joint venture with Altana. Following its acquisition by Italian fashion group Aeffe last year, Moschino has been focusing on consolidating its key activities internally. The joint venture, called Moschino Kids, will see Moschino holding a majority stake of 70% while Altana will have a 30% stake. Altana Società Benefit, a specialist in high-end children’s clothing, has been licensing Moschino’s Baby, Kids, and Teen collections since 2008.

By establishing this joint venture, Moschino aims to have a more direct role in managing and developing its children’s lines, aligning them with the overall brand’s image and activities. The partnership also includes call options for both parties, which means Moschino’s stake in Moschino Kids could potentially decrease to 55% or increase to 100%. This move highlights Moschino’s strategic vision for growth and positioning in the luxury fashion industry.

Since Aeffe’s complete acquisition of Moschino, the brand has undergone significant restructuring efforts. It has taken control of its distribution in China and established a subsidiary in the country. Additionally, Moschino now manages its young Love Moschino line, which was previously developed under license. These measures have resulted in positive sales performance, with a notable 8.1% increase in the first half of this year, reaching 139.5 million euros.

Expanding into the children’s market through Moschino Kids is another step towards achieving the brand’s growth objectives. This move allows Moschino to have greater control over its product offerings and further solidifies its presence in the luxury fashion segment.

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