Movado Group, the renowned Swiss watch powerhouse, has forged a lucrative alliance with Spanish watch distribution specialist CityTime to distribute the exquisite range of Calvin Klein’s jewellery and watches in Spain. This strategic partnership entails Movado Group taking charge of the design, development, and commercialization of Calvin Klein’s watches and jewellery for the next five years, while CityTime serves as the local partner in Spain.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to selectively expand the distribution of the Calvin Klein brand across the country, thereby bolstering its existing network and enhancing accessibility through the opening of new stores in regions where the brand was previously inaccessible. By adopting this approach, the partners aim to uphold the signature quality standards associated with Calvin Klein products and elevate customer service levels to offer an unparalleled experience.

CityTime, an industry stalwart with an impeccable track record spanning over 25 years in the Spanish market, possesses a robust foothold in the jewellery and watch distribution sector. The company boasts an impressive array of prestigious brands under its wing, such as Hugo Boss, Cluse, Itemporality, and PdPaola. CityTime aspires to position Calvin Klein as their second-best selling brand within the span of a few months and has set their sights on clinching the top spot within two to three years.

As a testament to the early success of the partnership between Movado Group and CityTime, the Spanish market has already witnessed the launch of innovative Calvin Klein watch and jewellery collections. With a dedicated team of more than 200 astute professionals, CityTime is relentlessly working towards promoting and expanding the reach of Calvin Klein products across Spain.

This collaboration not only serves as a mutually beneficial agreement for Movado Group and CityTime but also constitutes compelling evidence of the immense popularity and demand for Calvin Klein’s jewellery and watches in the Spanish market. Armed with the combined expertise and resources of both companies, the future of Calvin Klein’s presence in Spain appears exceedingly promising.

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