Mulberry, the renowned luxury leather goods brand, is making its comeback in the world of ready-to-wear fashion with the launch of its new Softie Outerwear collection. This collection is a direct extension of Mulberry’s popular Softie bag line, which has gained a significant following since its release earlier this year.

The Softie Outerwear collection includes a range of eight designs, featuring jackets, coats, a gilet, a scarf, and a skirt. These pieces are characterized by the signature details of the Softie bags, such as the distinctive puffy quilting, which have been seamlessly incorporated into the outerwear. According to Mulberry, the collection is a perfect fusion of functionality and fashion-forward sensibility, combining style with pragmatism.

In line with Mulberry’s commitment to sustainability, each piece in the collection is padded with recycled silk, and the garment outers are crafted from recycled Nylon. This aligns with the brand’s “Made to Last” ethos, which emphasizes creating enduring and environmentally-conscious pieces. Additionally, the Softie Outerwear collection showcases Mulberry’s iconic Postman’s Lock fastenings and is available in a range of colors including black, khaki, Mulberry green, and tobacco brown.

The campaign for the Softie Outerwear collection, titled “Wild Within,” pays homage to Mulberry’s roots in Somerset and draws inspiration from the area’s rich folkloric heritage. To create this campaign, Mulberry collaborated with well-known British creatives, including photographer Tom Johnson and stylist Harry Lambert. The campaign celebrates Mulberry’s unique identity as a contemporary tastemaker that appreciates both its heritage and innovative spirit.

In addition to the outerwear collection, Mulberry is also introducing a range of micro bags in the campaign. These miniature versions of Mulberry’s iconic Alexa, Bayswater, Amberley, and Sadie bags offer a playful twist on the brand’s classic designs and add an element of versatility to the collection.

Mulberry’s Softie Outerwear collection perfectly balances its rural heritage with modern urban style. Designed to be suitable for the winter season while being lightweight enough for the spring, these pieces effortlessly transition between country and city, providing versatility and capturing the essence of Mulberry’s unique aesthetic.

By reintroducing ready-to-wear with the Softie Outerwear collection, Mulberry showcases its ability to evolve and adapt to changing fashion trends. By incorporating the signature details and tactile elements of its Softie bags into clothing, Mulberry offers its loyal customers a cohesive and stylish collection that aligns with their personal style and values.

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