Mummy Dogs for Halloween Made Simple: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Looking for a fun and delicious treat to serve at your Halloween party? Look no further than these adorable mummy dogs! These spooky yet tasty snacks are perfect for kids and adults alike, and they are surprisingly easy to make. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating these mummy dogs from start to finish. So, grab your apron and get ready to impress your guests with this ghoulishly delightful Halloween recipe!


To make these mummy dogs, you will need the following ingredients:

– 1 package of refrigerated crescent roll dough
– 8 hot dogs
– 8 slices of cheese
– Mustard or ketchup for the eyes

Step 1: Preparing the Hot Dogs

The first step in making mummy dogs is to prepare the hot dogs. Start by preheating your oven to 375°F (190°C). Then, take each hot dog and make a small slit in the top, about halfway down the length of the hot dog. This will give your mummy dogs a place to peek out from once they are wrapped in the crescent roll dough.

Next, take a slice of cheese and cut it into thin strips. These strips will be used to create the mummy bandages. The cheese not only adds a delicious taste but also gives the appearance of tattered bandages on your mummy dogs. Set aside the cheese strips for now.

Step 2: Wrapping the Hot Dogs

Now it’s time to wrap the hot dogs in the crescent roll dough. Open the package of refrigerated crescent roll dough and separate the dough into individual triangles. Each hot dog will require one triangle of dough.

Take one triangle of dough and stretch it slightly to make it longer. This will allow you to fully wrap the hot dog without any gaps. Starting at the top of the hot dog, wrap the dough around the hot dog, leaving a small opening near the top for the “face” of the mummy to show through.

Repeat this process for the remaining hot dogs. You should now have a group of adorable mummy dogs ready to be baked.

Step 3: Adding the Mummy Bandages

Now, it’s time to give your mummy dogs their signature bandage look. Take one of the cheese strips that you prepared earlier and gently wrap it around the mummy dog, crisscrossing it to create the appearance of bandages. Leave a small opening for the “face” to show through.

Continue wrapping the cheese strips around each mummy dog until they are fully covered. The cheese will stick to the dough, so no additional ingredients are needed to secure it. Once all the mummy dogs are wrapped, they are ready to go in the oven.

Step 4: Baking the Mummy Dogs

Place the mummy dogs on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, spacing them a few inches apart. This will allow them to cook evenly and prevent sticking. Place the baking sheet in the preheated oven and bake for around 12-15 minutes or until the crescent roll dough turns golden brown and the cheese is melted.

Keep a close eye on your mummy dogs as they bake to ensure they don’t overcook and become too crisp. Once they are done, remove them from the oven and let them cool for a few minutes.

Serving Suggestions

Mummy dogs are always a hit at Halloween parties, and there are several fun and creative ways to serve them. Here are a few serving suggestions:

1. Graveyard Display: Create a spooky graveyard scene by placing the mummy dogs in a dish filled with crushed black tortilla chips or crushed Oreo cookies. Use small tombstone-shaped decorations or toothpicks with tiny paper flags to create tombstones for added effect.

2. Monster Dipping Sauce: Serve your mummy dogs with a side of “monster blood” sauce. Mix equal parts ketchup and mayonnaise, then add a few drops of green food coloring to give it a ghoulish hue. Your guests will love dipping the mummy dogs into this spooky sauce.

3. Mummy Dog Sliders: Cut the mummy dogs into smaller pieces and serve them on slider buns with your favorite condiments. This makes them easier to eat and allows guests to try a variety of flavors.

No matter how you choose to serve them, these mummy dogs are sure to be a hit at your Halloween gathering. Their adorable appearance and delicious taste will have everyone coming back for seconds, and maybe even thirds!

Now that you have mastered the art of making mummy dogs for Halloween, it’s time to get creative and enjoy the process. Feel free to experiment with different types of cheese, sauces, or additional seasonings to add your own personal touch. Happy Halloween and bon appétit!

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