French traffic analysis specialist, MyTraffic, has recently completed the acquisition of Geoblink, a Spanish company that specializes in location analysis. This strategic move is aimed at solidifying MyTraffic’s position as a leader in geospatial intelligence in Europe. Geoblink has a strong presence in the European market, with 150 customers and partners that include renowned brands such as Danone, Ikea, Pepsico, and KFC.

By integrating Geoblink’s solutions with its own data analysis platform, MyTraffic is expanding its service offerings beyond the traditional offerings in the industry. This integration will allow the company to provide a comprehensive range of services that combine location analysis with traffic analysis, creating valuable insights for businesses in the retail and brand space.

Hakim Saadaoui, the CEO of MyTraffic, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, emphasizing the significance of this milestone for the company. He believes that this move will not only establish MyTraffic as a leader in France and Europe but also reinforce their commitment to innovation in the geospatial intelligence sector.

Since its establishment in 2017 by Gautier Machelon and Hakim Saadaoui, MyTraffic has rapidly gained traction in the market, attracting over 500 retail and brand customers. Some of their notable clients include Kiabi, Hugo Boss, Sephora, Leclerc, Carrefour, and McDonald’s. Moreover, MyTraffic also caters to developers and managers of retail spaces, collaborating with companies like Marques Avenue, Advantail, Redevco, Klepierre, and Cushman&Wakefield.

To fuel their expansion into new markets, MyTraffic successfully raised €30 million in funding in November 2022, led by Axa Venture Partners. This significant investment followed a previous financing round where MyTraffic secured €10 million.

With the acquisition of Geoblink and the addition of its diverse customer base, MyTraffic is in a prime position to become a dominant player in the geospatial intelligence industry in Europe. Combining the expertise and services of both companies allows MyTraffic to offer a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking valuable insights into location and traffic analysis for their retail operations.

Overall, MyTraffic is making remarkable progress in the industry and is poised to continue its growth and innovation with the acquisition of Geoblink. As they solidify their position as a leader in France and Europe, MyTraffic is well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of their customers in the retail and brand space.

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