Narvvi, a company that specializes in “wearable skincare,” has recently secured a pre-seed investment of £0.5 million. This significant investment comes as Narvvi prepares to introduce its unique “luxury curated collection of ready-to-wear and sleepwear staples combined with advanced skincare.” Initially focusing on the UK market, Narvvi has gained the support of investors from BBRC (Brett Blundy Retail Capital).

The designs of Narvvi are heavily influenced by the elegance and charm of the French Riviera, and they are meticulously crafted in London. Founder Leah Uka, with her extensive background as a facialist specializing in anti-aging and acne treatments, has poured her expertise into the development of each product. Narvvi accessories are enriched with premium ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen Peptides, and Argan Oil. What sets Narvvi apart is its use of micelle technology, which embeds these advanced skincare ingredients into the fibers of the accessories. This ensures slow activation and release into the wearer’s skin, optimizing hydration and promising visible results from the very first wear.

A key aspect of Narvvi’s strategy is its decision to utilize “22 Momme Pure Mulberry silk,” a luxurious fabric known for its remarkable smoothness and durability. The collection encompasses eight core ready-to-wear styles, each with its own skincare benefits, as well as a range of silk sleepwear accessories. Narvvi guarantees that each of its garments will provide ongoing skincare benefits for a period of one to two years. The price range for Narvvi pieces will fall between £40 and £190, reflecting the brand’s commitment to accessibility and quality.

With a strong focus on merging skincare and fashion, Narvvi is well-positioned to make a noticeable impact in the emerging wearable skincare market. Unlike its competitors, Narvvi truly stands out due to its dedication to advanced skincare formulations and the incorporation of high-quality materials. As the fashion industry continues to embrace the intersection of beauty and style, Narvvi’s launch comes at an opportune time to cater to the growing consumer demand for innovative skincare solutions.

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