Sweden’s New Wave Group has recently acquired Tenson AB, a Swedish outdoor company, marking its entry into the outdoor segment. As a brand incubator, New Wave Group aims to provide Tenson with the necessary resources and synergies to fuel its growth and increase profitability.

Tenson, founded in Varberg in 1951, is a well-established outdoor and lifestyle brand with a strong presence on Sweden’s west coast. In the past four years, the company has undergone a comprehensive restructuring and repositioning process, focusing on brand, product, marketing, sales, and channel strategies. Despite facing challenges, Tenson achieved sales of approximately SEK 130 million in 2022, although it reported a loss after tax of around SEK 8.5 million.

For New Wave Group, acquiring Tenson is a strategic move to expand its sports and leisure operating segment, particularly in the retail sales channel. By adding Tenson to its portfolio, the company aims to leverage synergies and drive rapid sales and profitability growth. The acquisition also opens up new sales channels, especially in the promotional sector, and provides opportunities for geographical expansion.

Jens Petersson, New Wave Group’s business area manager for sport and leisure, expressed excitement about the acquisition, highlighting Tenson’s authenticity as an outdoor brand with a rich history. Petersson believes that with New Wave Group’s distribution and contact network, Tenson will accelerate its journey towards success, both in Sweden and globally.

The financial aspect of the acquisition involves New Wave Group purchasing Tenson for SEK 1, based on equity at closing on July 1, 2023, amounting to at least SEK 6.53 million. Tenson’s brand value is currently estimated at around SEK 31 million. While the acquisition is not expected to have a significant impact on New Wave Group’s results for the second half of 2023, it is projected to contribute positively to the company’s overall performance in 2024.

This strategic acquisition highlights New Wave Group’s commitment to expanding and diversifying its brand portfolio. By entering the outdoor segment and including Tenson in its lineup of brands, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for outdoor and lifestyle products. As Tenson continues its journey under New Wave Group’s guidance, it is expected to experience substantial growth and establish itself as a prominent player in the outdoor industry.

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