Nike is facing mounting pressure after they decided not to release a replica jersey for England goalkeeper Mary Earps ahead of the recent World Cup in Australia. The controversy has escalated following the team’s advancement to the final and Earps being awarded the Golden Glove, leading to increased criticism of Nike’s decision.

Earps herself expressed her disappointment when news broke that Nike had chosen not to offer a replica jersey for her, and this sentiment was echoed by fans and football pundits alike. In response, Nike has issued a statement acknowledging the demand for a retail version of the goalkeeper jersey. The company assured fans that they are actively working on finding solutions for future tournaments in collaboration with FIFA and the federations.

In an effort to demonstrate their commitment to women’s football, Nike mentioned being thrilled by the passion surrounding this year’s tournament and the impressive achievements of the Lionesses. However, fans have taken matters into their own hands. They have shown their support for Earps by posting pictures on social media wearing customised shirts with her name on them. Independent retailers and individuals have also started producing their own versions of the jersey, including a unique illustration by Holly Collins featuring phrases that highlight Earps’ skills and popularity amongst supporters.

The backlash against Nike has reached a point where a petition on has been initiated, urging the company to reconsider their decision. Garnering over 85,000 signatures, the petition demonstrates the widespread support for Earps and the strong demand for a retail version of her jersey.

Nike now faces increasing pressure to respond to the situation and find a resolution that satisfies the fans, players, and supporters of women’s football. As more individuals voice their dissatisfaction with Nike’s decision, it remains uncertain how the company will address the issue and whether they will ultimately release a replica jersey for Mary Earps.

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