Nike, the global leader in sportswear, has recently launched its Nike Refurbished program, which offers reconditioned shoes to consumers. This move comes as the market for refurbished products continues to expand, following the success of platforms like Back Market, which specializes in refurbished electronic devices across 12 countries.

At present, the Nike Refurbished option is only available at 15 Nike stores in the United States. Customers can return their shoes within a 60-day window, and these shoes are then sorted into three categories: “like new” (briefly worn), “gently worn” (used for a longer period), and “slightly flawed” (with minor manufacturing defects or color discrepancies).

To ensure that the reconditioned shoes are as close to new as possible, Nike utilizes various tools and techniques. The price of these refurbished shoes is determined based on their category and condition grade. To simplify the shopping experience for consumers, Nike provides clear messaging on the shoeboxes, which indicates the shoe type, condition grade, and more.

Nike’s decision to enter the reconditioned market stems from the increasing popularity of resale platforms. By offering refurbished shoes, Nike aims to tap into the second-hand market. Although the Nike Refurbished program is currently limited to the United States, there are plans for expansion both domestically and internationally.

This move by Nike aligns with its broader sustainability initiatives under the Move to Zero program, which was launched two years ago. Move to Zero aims to achieve zero carbon emissions and zero waste. It involves researching and adopting more sustainable materials, raising climate change awareness among sports enthusiasts, and developing eco-design solutions to minimize waste and promote recycling.

The Nike Refurbished program goes beyond simply reselling reconditioned products. Nike ensures that shoes that are too damaged for resale but can still be worn are donated to charity partners. Shoes that have reached the end of their useful life are processed through the Nike Grind material recycling program.

Whether Nike’s Refurbished program will successfully reclaim a significant portion of the millions of shoes sold worldwide each year remains to be seen. However, with its strong brand presence and commitment to sustainability, Nike is well-positioned to make an impact in the reconditioned market and contribute to a more circular economy.

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