Norah Jones’ Top 10 Songs: A Journey into Jazz


With her mesmerizing voice and soothing melodies, Norah Jones has become one of the most iconic figures in contemporary jazz. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jones was exposed to various genres of music from an early age, but it was during her time at the University of North Texas where she truly found her musical calling in jazz music. From there, she embarked on a remarkable journey, capturing the hearts of millions with her soulful and enchanting sound. In this article, we will explore Norah Jones’ top 10 songs that have left an indelible mark on the jazz landscape.

1. “Don’t Know Why”

It would be impossible to discuss Norah Jones’ success without mentioning her breakthrough hit, “Don’t Know Why.” Released as the lead single from her debut album “Come Away with Me” in 2002, this ballad quickly became a chart-topper and helped skyrocket Jones’ career. The song’s stripped-down arrangement, featuring Jones’ delicate vocals accompanied by simple piano chords, resonated with listeners around the world. “Don’t Know Why” won three Grammy Awards, including Song of the Year, and firmly established Jones as a force to be reckoned with in the jazz genre.

Link: Watch “Don’t Know Why” music video here

2. “Come Away with Me”

The title track from Norah Jones’ debut album, “Come Away with Me,” showcases her ability to transport listeners to a place of serenity and tranquility through her music. The song’s gentle acoustic guitar and Jones’ soothing vocals create an intimate atmosphere that invites the listener to escape from the chaos of everyday life. “Come Away with Me” won the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, further solidifying Jones’ reputation as an extraordinary vocalist.

Link: Watch “Come Away with Me” music video here

3. “Sunrise”

Released as the lead single from her second album “Feels like Home” in 2004, “Sunrise” is a captivating song that showcases Norah Jones’ growth as an artist. The track combines elements of jazz, country, and folk, seamlessly blending different genres to create a unique and memorable sound. Jones’ mesmerizing voice floats effortlessly over the gentle piano, captivating the listener from start to finish. “Sunrise” became a hit on both adult contemporary and jazz charts, solidifying Jones’ status as a versatile and talented musician.

Link: Watch “Sunrise” music video here

4. “Turn Me On”

“Turn Me On” is a sultry and seductive track from Norah Jones’ debut album, “Come Away with Me.” The song, which showcases Jones’ mesmerizing vocals and the sensuousness of her sound, became an instant fan favorite. With its slow tempo and intimate lyrics, “Turn Me On” exudes a timeless and passionate allure that captivated audiences worldwide. The song was a critical and commercial success and further solidified Jones’ position as a leading figure in contemporary jazz.

Link: Watch “Turn Me On” music video here

5. “Don’t Miss You at All”

Rounding out the top five is “Don’t Miss You at All” from Norah Jones’ debut album. This hauntingly beautiful track showcases Jones’ ability to evoke deep emotions with her soulful vocals. “Don’t Miss You at All” is a delicate and introspective composition that mesmerizes listeners with its stripped-down instrumentation and captivating lyrics. Despite not being released as a single, the song’s impact on Jones’ discography cannot be underestimated, subtly demonstrating her versatility and artistry.

Link: Watch “Don’t Miss You at All” live performance here

6. “Come Away with Me”

Returning to Norah Jones’ debut album, “Come Away with Me,” we find the enchanting track “Feelin’ the Same Way.” With its jazzy piano chords and infectious rhythm, this song perfectly encapsulates the essence of Jones’ music. Her velvety voice effortlessly glides over the melody, leaving listeners feeling captivated and beguiled. “Feelin’ the Same Way” is a testament to Jones’ ability to create timeless jazz tunes that resonate with audiences of all generations.

Link: Watch “Feelin’ the Same Way” live performance here

7. “Don’t Know Why”

Returning to the song that catapulted Norah Jones into superstardom, “Don’t Know Why” remains an iconic piece in her discography. With its simple yet profound lyrics and Jones’ gentle and emotive delivery, the song touches the hearts of listeners worldwide. Its success can be attributed to Jones’ ability to create a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, drawing in the audience with every note. “Don’t Know Why” continues to be a favorite among jazz enthusiasts and remains a quintessential Norah Jones song.

Link: Watch “Don’t Know Why” live performance here

8. “Chasing Pirates”

“Chasing Pirates” marks a departure from Norah Jones’ earlier works, showcasing her ability to evolve and experiment with new sounds and styles. Released as the lead single from her 2009 album “The Fall,” this upbeat and rhythmic track blends jazz and alternative pop influences, resulting in a refreshing and dynamic sound. Jones’ velvety voice effortlessly glides over the infectious groove, making “Chasing Pirates” an instant hit. The song’s success can be attributed to Jones’ willingness to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories.

Link: Watch “Chasing Pirates” music video here

9. “Come Away with Me”

Another standout track from Norah Jones’ debut album is the heartwrenching ballad “The Long Day Is Over.” With its delicate piano and emotionally charged lyrics, this song showcases Jones’ ability to convey profound emotions through her music. Jones’ raw and vulnerable performance easily resonates with listeners, creating an intimate and personal connection. “The Long Day Is Over” is a testament to Jones’ talent for storytelling and her ability to evoke deep emotions in her audience.

Link: Watch “The Long Day Is Over” live performance here

10. “Don’t Know Why”

Rounding out our list is another classic from Norah Jones’ debut album, “Don’t Know Why.” This beautifully arranged track showcases Jones’ voice at its finest. The song’s simplicity and timeless charm captivate the listener, while its underlying sense of longing resonates on a deep emotional level. “Don’t Know Why” further solidifies Jones’ status as one of the most influential and talented jazz artists of her generation.

Link: Watch “Don’t Know Why” live performance here

Norah Jones’ top 10 songs offer a captivating journey into the world of jazz. From her breakthrough hit “Don’t Know Why” to the soul-stirring melodies of “Come Away with Me,” Jones has consistently dazzled listeners with her mesmerizing vocals and timeless compositions. Through this remarkable collection of songs, Jones has solidified her status as one of the most influential and beloved jazz artists of our time.

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