Noteworthy, a pioneering personalized fragrance company, has successfully launched its services in North America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Co-founded by beauty industry veterans Luke Weston and Ashley Boyce, Noteworthy is transforming the fragrance industry with its use of artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and proprietary technology to offer customized scent recommendations.

To embark on the personalized fragrance journey, customers can visit Noteworthy’s website and take the Fragrance Finder Quiz. This interactive quiz gathers information about the customer’s preferences and utilizes it to curate a personalized Discovery Kit. The Discovery Kit consists of four carefully selected fragrance samples that align with the customer’s unique scent preferences.

Noteworthy’s collection of fine fragrances showcases meticulously crafted scents developed by experienced perfumers. The Discovery Kit is priced at $24.99, while the Travel Spray is priced at $37.49. For those who develop a fondness for a specific scent, the 3.3 oz eau de parfum is available for $124.99.

Luke Weston, co-founder of Noteworthy, expressed his enthusiasm for revolutionizing the fragrance discovery process. He stated, “The fragrance industry has never offered consumers a truly intelligent and thoughtful scent discovery process, and Noteworthy is here to change that. Through our innovative blend of AI, data science, and captivating fragrances, we aim to enhance consumers’ fragrance experience and aid them in finding a scent they genuinely love.”

Noteworthy is a sister brand of Proven Skincare, where Luke Weston serves as the COO. Inspired by the effectiveness of personalization at Proven, Weston partnered with Ashley Boyce to expand into different sectors, ultimately focusing on the fragrance industry. Boyce added, “We are tremendously excited about the impact Noteworthy will have on people’s lives as they finally have an intelligent method to discover their signature scent. Whether it’s the in-store experience, duty-free shopping, or even encountering an enchanting fragrance on a stranger, we have all been on the quest for the perfect scent. Noteworthy’s use of AI, data science, and proprietary technology provides a groundbreaking personalized experience for fragrance discovery.”

With its launch in North America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, Noteworthy aims to revolutionize the fragrance industry by offering customers a personalized and intelligent scent discovery process. By combining AI, data science, and an impressive range of fragrances, Noteworthy strives to assist customers in finding their ideal signature scent and elevating their fragrance experience.

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