Nude Project, the streetwear fashion company founded by Bruno Casanovas and Alex Benlloch when they were just 18 years old in 2019, is experiencing rapid growth and expanding its presence in the industry. The brand’s sales reached 2.6 million euros in 2021 and are set to surpass that figure this year. To further expand its reach, Nude Project has plans to open permanent stores in Valencia and Barcelona, with a specific focus on international expansion.

The story of Nude Project began with Casanovas and Benlloch selling sweatshirts on their university campuses. The brand quickly gained popularity through word-of-mouth, leading to a strong following in Madrid and Barcelona. While Nude Project sells its designs worldwide through its online store, the founders believe that establishing an offline channel is crucial for connecting with their audience. Through effective communication strategies, Nude Project has amassed over one million followers on various social media platforms.

The brand’s marketing strategy, tailored for Generation Z, combined with highly-desirable products, has resulted in long queues forming outside the Nude Project store in Madrid. On Saturday afternoons, customers have been observed waiting in queues that last up to two-and-a-half hours. Building on this success, Nude Project began its retail journey in 2021 with pop-up stores in Madrid, Barcelona, and Zaragoza. These temporary experiences help the brand gauge the demand in different cities and determine where to establish permanent stores.

Valencia and Barcelona are the next cities on Nude Project’s expansion list, with plans to open permanent stores in both locations. Looking ahead to 2023, the brand aims to replicate its successful strategy in Europe by opening temporary stores in cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, and Milan.

Even though Nude Project initially gained popularity with its unisex sweatshirts and T-shirts, the founders are eager to diversify their product range and avoid being limited to a specific category. They have recently introduced a women’s collection and plan to explore additional categories such as knitwear and outerwear, aiming to offer a well-rounded selection for their customers. Currently, production is concentrated in Spain and Portugal, and the brand employs 32 individuals with offices based in Barcelona.

Nude Project remains 100% owned by its founders, with no current plans to seek external investment. The brand prides itself on being profitable since its inception and aims to double its turnover by the end of 2022.

When asked about the key to their success, Casanovas and Benlloch emphasized the importance of making inspiration tangible and creating a sense of belonging for their customers. They believe that purchasing a Nude Project garment represents becoming part of something greater, tapping into the underlying drive behind the fashion industry.

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