Performance sports specialist Odlo recently announced its acquisition of British sailing brand Henri-Lloyd. This move comes shortly after Odlo purchased merino wool clothing manufacturer Janus, demonstrating the company’s commitment to growth and expansion. By acquiring Henri-Lloyd, Odlo aims to diversify its product range and broaden its customer base.

According to Odlo Chairman Hugo Maurstad, both companies share a history rooted in technical innovations in outdoor sport apparel, making them an ideal match. Henri-Lloyd founder Henri Strzelecki was known for his groundbreaking contributions to the industry, including the invention of seam taping garments for waterproofing and non-corrosive zips made from nylon, which have become industry standards.

Odlo CEO Knut Are Hogbergsaid declares that the company will utilize its comprehensive infrastructure to invest in the Henri-Lloyd brand and its customers. Furthermore, Odlo remains committed to its sustainability agenda across all brands within Odlo International. While the specific purchase price remains undisclosed, it has been confirmed that the Henri-Lloyd team will remain in Manchester, UK. They will collaborate closely with Odlo to develop the brand and create innovative products.

Henri-Lloyd Chairman Hans Eckerström believes that this acquisition will unlock significant opportunities for the brand and benefit current and future shareholders. Aligning with successful companies that share the same values and goals will expedite Henri-Lloyd’s growth.

Overall, Odlo’s acquisition of Henri-Lloyd highlights its dedication to strategic acquisitions and expansion. Recognizing the potential and value of the Henri-Lloyd brand, Odlo is committed to extending its market reach and product offerings. With combined expertise and resources, Odlo and Henri-Lloyd are poised for a prosperous future together.

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