Oliver Timm has recently taken on the role of Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Hugo Boss and has also been elected to the company’s board. This move comes during a time of significant changes within the brand as a new CEO is set to join this summer and as the company adjusts to the “new normal” in the fashion industry.

As CSO, Timm will be responsible for ensuring that Hugo Boss customers have a premium shopping experience across all channels, including retail, wholesale, and e-commerce. Last July, Hugo Boss announced Timm’s appointment, highlighting his extensive experience in the fashion industry and his success in driving digitalization. His main priorities will include creating a seamless omnichannel environment for Hugo Boss and expanding its e-commerce activities.

Hugo Boss aims to transform its online store, hugoboss.com, into a flagship digital store and adopt a mobile-first approach. Alongside digitalization, Timm also plans to target younger consumers, particularly Generation Z and Millennials, and shift the brand’s focus to casualwear in various product categories. This casualization trend will be reflected in Hugo Boss stores worldwide through adjustments in product offerings and the creation of modern store concepts.

To enhance the customer experience, the company aims to “emotionalize” its brands and offer personalized experiences to its customers. Data-driven decision-making will be a crucial aspect in achieving this goal, allowing for a customer-centric approach. Hugo Boss plans to implement a top-tier loyalty program that utilizes data from all interactions with customers.

Prior to his role at Hugo Boss, Timm had a successful career at PVH, where he spent more than 20 years. During his time there, he closely collaborated with Daniel Grieder, who is set to become CEO of Hugo Boss on June 1.

Overall, Timm’s appointment as Chief Sales Officer signifies Hugo Boss’s dedication to digitalization, catering to younger consumers, and embracing the casualwear trend. With his extensive experience in the fashion industry and proven ability to drive digital transformation, Timm is well-equipped to help Hugo Boss achieve its goals and adapt to the ever-changing retail landscape.

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