After months of teasing, the London-based record producer Olly Molly’s first ever album “The Monopoly of Heart” is finally out on all streaming platforms.

After dropping his famous “Bella Hadid” and “Jungle” singles, Olly Molly had been working on his first ever recorded studio album to eventually release an hour and 10 minutes of streaming via 17 songs.

Combining deep house with other music styles, Olly Molly has been experimenting various genres and music styles to release a top-notch album which will most certainly playing on every club this coming Winter and Summer 23.

With strong statements such as “MINA” (sounding very melodic house) or “AFROMOLLY” (sounding much more afrobeats), it feels like Olly Molly wanted to try different styles yet succeeding at it. He also ventured into more synth-pop music with the single “LOVE EMPIRE” which is already beating all expectations on all streaming platforms. You can also listen to it below:

Olly Molly – LOVE EMPIRE

With other songs like “MINA“, “MOONRISE“, or “LEGACY“, Olly Molly is producing what he’s been famous for – melodic house music with some global sound touches. While these 3 latter are personally our favourite ones, other songs are also noteworthy such as “RIVIERA“, “CAPRI” or “REQUIEM“.

Olly Molly – MINA

With “The Monopoly of Heart”, Olly Molly gives the people what they know and want, while also exploring new avenues in deep-house, synth-pop and afro-beats.

Discover Olly Molly on all streaming platforms and on his official website