Oniverse, previously known as Calzedonia Group, has taken a bold step forward by expanding its product range to include fine food and wine under its brand Signorvino. Situated in the bustling Place St Michel in the Latin Quarter of Paris, Signorvino is a three-story establishment that offers a delightful fusion of Italian cuisine and an extensive selection of Italian wines. This move marks a significant expansion for Oniverse, which was founded by Sandro Veronesi in 1986 and is renowned for its fashion and lingerie brands such as Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Tezenis, and more. Other notable brands within the group include Cantiere del Pardo, Pardo, Grand Soleil, and Van Dutch.

Signorvino Paris provides dining space for up to 160 guests and enjoys a convenient location near the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral. The opening of this establishment quickly follows the launch of a Signorvino store in Prague back in November. The concept behind Signorvino aligns with the prevailing trend of experiential branding within the luxury industry, similar to distinguished establishments like Armani Caffè, Gucci Osteria, and Restaurant Monsieur Dior. The menu at Signorvino offers a wide range of classic Italian starters, including Culatello di Zebello and Polpette di Manzo, as well as innovative pasta dishes like spaghetti cacio e pepe with gambero rosso tartare. For the main course, guests can enjoy a delicious Milanese veal chop served with a Gewurztraminer mayonnaise. The wine selection is truly remarkable, with over 2,000 options available, ranging from affordable Primitivos to exquisite magnums of Tuscan red Castelgiocondo.

Federico Veronesi, the head of Signorvino and son of Sandro Veronesi, expressed that the brand’s objective is to take customers on an enchanting gastronomic journey while remaining faithful to the authenticity of Italian cuisine. Oniverse’s decision to venture into the food and wine sector underlines the company’s dedication to expansion and exploration of new realms. The name “Oniverse,” cleverly derived from the word “universe,” also serves as an anagram of the Veronesi family name, symbolizing the group’s innovative approach and their commitment to pursuing unique opportunities in the future.

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