Otrura, a fashion brand founded by Sergio de Lázaro and Verónica Abián, is revolutionizing the fashion industry by combining traditional craftsmanship with digital innovation. Sergio, a former employee at Hermès, and Verónica, a branding consultant, joined forces to bring value and innovation to the world of fashion.

The journey of Otrura began in 2018 with a collection of men’s footwear manufactured in Italy. This strategic move allowed them to overcome the challenge of minimum volume orders and establish their presence in the market. Building on this success, in 2021, Otrura expanded its offerings to include women’s footwear made in Alicante and a clothing line made in Ciudad Real. This expansion was met with great acclaim, as their collection was recognized as the best at MBFW Madrid in April 2021.

At the core of Otrura’s philosophy are three fundamental values. Firstly, the brand places a strong emphasis on social sustainability, valuing the importance of craftsmanship and its transmission. They prioritize sustainable practices in terms of delivery times and processing. Secondly, Otrura believes that fashion should be a vehicle to address social issues and convey messages that resonate with everyone. Lastly, the brand is driven by a passion for research and development, constantly exploring new materials, patterns, and technologies to enhance their craft.

To showcase their designs, Otrura has set up a showroom in Madrid’s Justicia neighborhood. This physical space offers customers the opportunity to experience the brand’s creations firsthand. In addition, Otrura sells its products online, although their e-commerce platform is currently undergoing improvements. The brand is actively working on expanding its reach to international retailers and is particularly interested in establishing a presence in three or four key locations outside of Spain.

When it comes to sustainability, Otrura takes a holistic approach. They prioritize the longevity of fabrics and even offer repair services to extend the lifespan of their garments. Conscious tailoring and the use of sustainable materials are central to their practices. Otrura incorporates 100% silk instead of viscose, as well as recycled fibers like tencel and recycled cotton. Furthermore, the brand conducts research experiments with materials such as recycled PLA, sawdust, and orange peel, aiming to create biodegradable fabrics that are versatile and suitable for everyday wear.

Looking ahead, Otrura has ambitious goals in mind. They are striving to participate in international fashion shows and expand their distribution network. Additionally, they have plans to venture into the leather goods category, as soon as they find the right workshop. Moreover, Otrura is set to release an upcoming jewelry collection in the spring, which will be crafted using 3D technology with handmade post-production.

In conclusion, Otrura represents a harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and digital innovation. With their unwavering commitment to social sustainability, cultural relevance, and continuous research and development, Otrura is poised to leave a lasting impact on the fashion industry.

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