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1. Glittered Pumps

End-of-year parties and celebrations are fast approaching and the latest trend has been to wear sparkly and crystal items for a (very) bright end of 2021 which will make the pandemic (hopefully) go away!

Here’s our niood selection of the most stunning glittered pumps for this festive season:

2. PVC Heels

Here’s our niood selection of the most stunning PVC heels for this festive season:

3. Satin Pumps

The most elegant women’s shoes are satin ones. Designers and buyers are bringing them all back to the fashion scene. There are now new designers innovating and making new modern styles alongside brightest colors.

Always very noticeable on night-outs, many wear them with long silk or velvet dresses for the most special occasions. In this way, they will be a perfect item to have and wear during this end-of-year and festive season (perfect for cocktails, dinners, Christmas parties and New Year’s Eves).

Here’s our niood selection of the most stunning Satin Pumps for this festive season:

4. Sandals

Whether we like it or not, the end of year parties always bring with many opportunities to have fun and events we must attend. Whether it’s a Christmas dinner, your company’s end-of-year party or night-out at the club, we will have to think about the perfect shoes to wear, and we believe that sandals are definitely must-haves.

Here’s our niood selection of the most stunning Sandals for this festive season:

5. Boots

Boots, as we know, are an essential item for the cold season. Now that the season to put on boots has finally arrived, we can indulge in some fun. The classic black ankle boots will always be in fashion, but even more cheeky alternatives are becoming the protagonists of street-style.

There is no better accessory to have fun on the dance floor than a great pair of boots. The shinier they are, the better. The Victoria Beckham model is perfect for making all your Dancing Queen dreams come true. However, we – at niood – have found a few other alternatives to will make you stand out while being fashion and on trend!

Here’s our niood selection of the most stunning Boots for this festive season:

6. Heeled Mules

Those who love the 90s will definitely remember them well: heeled mules. They previously dominated the fashion scene and then slowly disappeared. However, after a more or less long silence, they’re back and we wouldn’t get happier.

Are you still undecided on how to wear the trendy Heeled Mules? You have to know that they go with practically everything. For real. They lend themselves to a variety of outfits – they look great with a pair of soft flare pants, or with classic shorts or jeans and a super basic white T-shirt. You can wear them with a knitted dress for an elegant evening or with a denim dress if you are looking for an outfit with a more casual mood.

Here’s our niood selection of the most stunning Mules for this festive season:

7. Vibrant Heels

Here’s our niood selection of the most stunning Vibrant Heels for this festive season: