Palm Angels, the streetwear brand under the management of New Guards Group (NGG), has revealed that menswear accounts for 80% of its annual revenue. The exact value of Palm Angels’ revenue is unknown, but founder and creative director, Francesco Ragazzi, believes it likely exceeds €100 million. However, Ragazzi sees great potential for growth in the womenswear and accessories categories.

In order to expand into womenswear, Ragazzi recognizes the need for Palm Angels to evolve its style. Currently, the brand’s womenswear is seen as a derivation of its men’s clothing, but Ragazzi aims to create more feminine products that can attract a different type of customer. He emphasizes the importance of creative collaborations as a means of driving growth for a young label like Palm Angels.

Ragazzi highlights several successful collaborations, including partnerships with Moncler for outerwear, Tod’s for formal wear, Missoni for womenswear, and Vilebrequin for beachwear. These collaborations not only contribute to the brand’s business objectives but also enhance its brand image. Ragazzi prefers to collaborate with well-established labels that have a strong identity, allowing him to put a fresh twist on iconic products.

Palm Angels is set to release a collection in collaboration with Tod’s, owned by Della Valle, in the coming days. Ragazzi sees this collaboration as a celebration of Italian style, which is one of the cornerstones of his label. He hopes this collaboration will spark a conversation about Italian craftsmanship, particularly among younger generations.

NGG has played a crucial role in the growth of Palm Angels, acting as a launch pad and facilitator for the brand. However, Ragazzi emphasizes the importance of having a long-term development vision for the brand. He reflects on his early days in fashion, starting as a photographer before joining Moncler’s press office. Ragazzi credits Moncler’s CEO, Remo Ruffini, for giving him the opportunity to become the person he is today.

Even before designing a collection, Ragazzi had already created a brand and a manifesto through his Palm Angels photo project. He and his partner, Davide de Giglio, captured the Los Angeles skateboarding scene with a fashion twist. In 2014, Palm Angels released its first lookbook, followed by its debut fashion collection the following year.

Ragazzi believes that fashion is a cyclical and volatile industry that requires a strong identity. He combines a U.S. street culture perspective with Italian style and luxury, particularly in terms of materials and details, to create a unique imprint for Palm Angels.

Looking into the future, Ragazzi is excited about the potential in womenswear and accessories such as sneakers and eyewear. With a focus on collaboration and brand evolution, Palm Angels aims to continue its growth trajectory and capture new markets.

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