Pandora, the renowned jewellery brand, has been declared the top online jewellery and watch brand in the UK for 2023, according to a comprehensive industry report. The analysis, which covered everything from mass-market to luxury brands, revealed that Pandora had achieved significant growth and visibility. Out of 11 key performance indicators, Pandora emerged as the leader in terms of monthly searches, with over 1.8 million searches per month. The brand also scored highly in overall brand awareness, with a social media score of 46,122.

Swarovski secured the second spot in the digital sector, with 301,000 monthly brand searches and an impressive 18 million social media followers, resulting in a social score of 27,821. Tiffany, known for its luxury jewellery, secured the third position with 135,000 monthly brand searches and a social score of 38,550. G-Shock and Cartier rounded out the top five, both with strong brand searches and social scores.

Pandora demonstrated the highest year-on-year visibility growth, with a remarkable 22% increase. Other brands such as Warren James, Beaverbrooks, Watchclub, and Tiffany & Co. also saw growth in visibility. On the other hand, H Samuel, Claire’s, Blue Nile, Missoula, and Joshua James experienced a decline in visibility compared to the previous year.

The report also highlighted a significant increase of 23% in overall organic growth within the industry, indicating a growing demand for online jewellery and watch brands. Brett Janes, the Managing Director at Salience Search Marketing, emphasized the importance of building a strong online presence across multiple channels to drive sales and tap into the expanding market demand.

Meanwhile, Pandora, the world’s largest jewellery maker, has set its sights on achieving organic revenue growth of 6%-9% in 2024. The company’s success can be attributed to a surge in sales of its silver charms and bracelets, which has led to a share price increase of more than double since the beginning of last year. As a result of strong revenue and earnings for the fourth quarter, Pandora has also announced a share buyback program of up to 4 billion Danish crowns (around $577 million).

While many retailers and brands targeting aspirational consumers with affordable luxury items have faced challenges, Pandora has remained successful. The brand’s ability to establish itself as the leading jewellery and watch brand in the UK highlights the importance of building a strong online presence and engaging with customers through various channels. With ambitious growth targets for 2024, Pandora continues to thrive in the competitive jewellery market.

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