Pandora, the renowned jewellery maker, has set its sights on the United States and China as it plans for future growth. After a strong start to 2021, the company is considering expanding into new product categories such as watches and bags. Pandora’s first-quarter operating profit exceeded expectations, driven by robust online sales and the impact of stimulus packages in the United States. This success has prompted the company to prioritize growth in these two major markets and strengthen its brand presence.

Alexander Lacik, Pandora’s Chief Executive, emphasized the untapped potential in the United States and China where the company’s market penetration is currently low. The focus will be on these markets rather than expanding into new geographies. While staying in the jewellery segment for now, Lacik sees room for additional growth in charms and bracelets, which currently make up 70% of Pandora’s business. However, the company is also considering other avenues for long-term expansion. This could involve expanding the Pandora brand’s accessory offerings or collaborating with other brands.

Despite facing temporary store closures in the first quarter due to COVID-19 lockdown measures, Pandora’s performance remains optimistic. Approximately 30% of its stores were affected by the closures. Over the past decade, Pandora has experienced significant growth by positioning itself between cheaper accessories and pricier jewellery brands. However, it struggled due to a lack of innovation and spread itself too thin in the market. Since Alexander Lacik took over as CEO in 2019, the company has focused on cost-cutting measures and expanding its e-commerce presence.

Additionally, Pandora made a notable decision to stop selling mined diamonds and instead focus on more affordable and sustainable lab-grown gems. This choice aligns with the company’s commitment to offering ethical and environmentally friendly products.

Investor confidence has been boosted by Pandora’s positive first-quarter financial results and its expansion plans in key markets. Over the past year, the company’s shares have significantly risen, and on the day of the announcement, they traded 5% higher.

Looking ahead, Pandora aims to solidify its brand presence in the United States and China, two crucial markets for the company. By exploring potential expansion into new product categories while maintaining its focus on charms and bracelets, Pandora hopes to capitalize on untapped opportunities and sustain its growth trajectory.

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