Heroes, the parent company of Trunki, a popular kids’ luggage brand, is reportedly considering selling the business. Founded in 2020 with the aim of acquiring digital brands, Heroes has successfully raised over £200 million to support its ventures. Now, according to a report from Sky News, the company is working closely with advisors from Houlihan Lokey to explore various options for Trunki’s future.

Houlihan Lokey is said to have approached potential investors, both in terms of debt and equity, though it’s unclear whether a sale would be the preferred choice for Heroes’ shareholders. As an aggregator business, Heroes positions itself as a platform for brands that are adored by families worldwide. Notably, the company acquired the Trunki brand less than a year ago for an approximate amount of £12 million from BFG. In addition to Trunki, Heroes also owns Cherish, a manufacturer of baby and infant products, and Baby Uma, a retailer of pushchair accessories.

Trunki itself has an interesting history, having gained incredible popularity despite being initially rejected on the TV show Dragons Den. The kid-friendly suitcases quickly became a common sight at airports around the world following their launch, and Trunki had already sold over five million sit-on, ride-along suitcases for children by the time Heroes acquired the brand. In fact, Trunki had built a successful portfolio of travel gear, resulting in a staggering 68% increase in revenue to reach £6.4 million in 2022.

Now, less than a year after the acquisition, Heroes is contemplating the potential sale of Trunki. This decision raises questions about the future direction of the brand and the motivations behind it. However, with the involvement of reputable advisors like Houlihan Lokey, it is evident that Heroes is actively exploring all available options.

Ultimately, the future of Trunki hinges on the outcome of these ongoing deliberations. Whether the brand will be sold or continue under Heroes’ ownership remains uncertain. Nevertheless, one thing is indisputable – Trunki’s legacy as a cherished children’s travel brand will prevail, leaving an enduring impact on families worldwide.

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