The French Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode has announced that its 2021 fashion events in Paris have generated a staggering quarter-billion-euro Media Impact Value (MIV). Working closely with fashion and beauty data analysis group Launchmetrics, the Federation reported that the MIV for its 188 officially listed events in Paris this year reached a total of €242.92 million ($292.52 million). This figure encompasses the three highly anticipated catwalk seasons held in Paris: menswear, haute couture, and women’s ready-to-wear.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, which necessitated the majority of fashion seasons being held online, the women’s ready-to-wear season alone raked in an impressive MIV of $132 million. This remarkable number speaks to the enduring influence of the Paris fashion scene on a global scale. The haute couture season also performed exceptionally well, clocking in at €71.4 million, while menswear reached €39.5 million in MIV.

In an effort to expand its reach and foster international collaborations, the Federation has cultivated strong partnerships with notable media players such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Canal+, The Asahi Shimbun, Kommersant, and CNN. Furthermore, it has successfully established a significant presence in China through collaborations with Weibo, Tencent Video, and WeChat, thereby ensuring that Paris Fashion Week reaches a diverse and expansive international audience.

A total of 170 fashion houses, including longstanding Federation members and specially invited guests, showcased their content on this global network. The fashion events captivated a staggering 467,000 visitors, resulting in 1.5 million page views and a staggering 354 million views of video content, with over 95% of these views occurring on YouTube.

“The content of Paris Fashion Week and Haute Couture Week received unparalleled international amplification, cementing Paris as not only the fashion capital but also the digital capital of fashion,” remarked the Federation. Launchmetrics CEO Michael Jais underscored the significance of creating impactful and memorable brand experiences to drive brand performance, declaring that “Paris has unequivocally established itself as the epicenter of digital Fashion Weeks.”

Although the figures encompass the Chinese market, France remains the leader in terms of Media Impact Value, followed closely by the United States. Moving forward, Launchmetrics anticipates the Chinese market to continue its upward trajectory as brands gain a deeper understanding of the social media landscape and leverage their own media channels. This indicates that Chinese consumers hold a pivotal role in shaping brand strategies today.

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