The Paris haute couture season is set to begin on Monday, bringing together legendary brands such as Chanel, Dior, Armani, Schiaparelli, Fendi, and Valentino. The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode controls six annual runway seasons in Paris, including two each for couture, women’s ready-to-wear, and menswear. In addition to the 30 houses listed on the official calendar, there are also several off-calendar shows held in embassies and mansions.

The highly anticipated four-day couture season will kick off with Schiaparelli’s show at the Petit Palais on Monday morning and conclude with Maison Margiela’s spring/summer 2024 collection on Thursday evening. The timing of these shows, just before the Academy Awards, attracts stylists and celebrities who seek the best red carpet looks from these collections.

This season, there is excitement around debut collections, particularly from newcomer Peet Dullaert. Editors are eager to discover his creations. Another significant moment to look forward to is the Jean-Paul Gaultier show, as they always invite a guest designer. This season, Simone Rocha, the talented young Irish designer, will be making her Paris debut.

Pascal Morand, the executive president of the Fédération, expressed his excitement about the upcoming season, emphasizing the unparalleled creativity, diversity, and craftsmanship showcased during Haute Couture Week. He also highlighted Paris’s role as the guardian of haute couture, a legally protected status since 1945. This status has solidified France as a hub of creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation in the fashion industry.

Morand stressed the importance of nurturing a new generation of couturiers for the industry’s longevity. Becoming a couturier holds significant value for young talented designers, as uniqueness, craftsmanship, and creativity are highly regarded in the digital era. Haute couture also provides a sense of intimacy and tranquility in a fast-paced society, motivating young designers to join the ranks. The Fédération actively supports and fosters the new generation of couturiers by providing a platform for younger, less experienced, and international newcomers to showcase their work.

This season, Peet Dullaert has been invited by the Fédération as a new couturier, a significant achievement due to the limited number of slots available each season. The Haute Couture Selection Committee recognized the exceptional quality of Dullaert’s work and welcomed his brand as a guest on the official calendar.

The couture season not only contributes to the local economy, particularly in terms of craftsmanship and métiers d’art but also solidifies Paris as a global center for creativity. The exclusivity of haute couture clientele drives economic transactions and captivates imaginations worldwide, positioning the couture season as a driver of economic, artistic, and savoir-faire excellence for France.

In terms of security measures, the Fédération works closely with the Préfecture de Police to ensure the safety and security of shows and presentations, including crowd management outside venues.

In conclusion, the Paris haute couture season is a highly anticipated event that showcases the epitome of creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation in the fashion industry. With an impressive lineup of established and emerging designers, the couture season cements Paris’s status as a global capital of fashion.

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