London has warmly embraced renowned French fashion label Paul & Joe, marking a significant departure from its traditional location in Paris. Founder Sophie Mechaly revealed that the French Fashion and Haute Couture federation deliberately excluded her brand from the Paris fashion week calendar, prompting her decision to showcase her Spring/Summer 2022 collection in London. Despite initial concerns surrounding the complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mechaly and her team successfully prepared for and held the show in the British capital. Mechaly draws inspiration from British chic and highlights the strong connection that Paul & Joe holds with the country, as their first clients were British.

As of recent months, the label has undergone a substantial transformation, with Mechaly implementing a strategy that emphasizes her own creative vision and appeals to British consumers. In order to achieve this, she has reduced the number of items in each collection, as well as the number of stores and employees. Paul & Joe has shifted its focus towards online sales, utilizing the Shopify platform to enhance visibility and boost sales on its e-commerce site. Additionally, the brand relies on a network of approximately 100 multi-brand retailers worldwide. Mechaly is of the belief that the market is oversaturated with brands and clothing, and she aims to establish her own trends and create exclusive, unique designs.

To address these challenges, Paul & Joe intends to take control of discount periods and avoid excessive production volumes. Mechaly plans to maintain a smaller inventory of signature items to cater to direct sales and eliminate the need for restocking. The label has also decided to forgo participation in end-of-season sales, aiming to distance themselves from the fast-fashion model. Mechaly highly values the craftsmanship and quality of her products, with the majority being made in France using fabrics and materials sourced from Western Europe. In addition, she intends to implement more sustainable practices, such as gradually phasing out plastic packaging and incorporating recycled materials into their handbags.

Ultimately, Mechaly’s approach is driven by her passion for creating beautiful products and her ambition to offer something unique and exclusive to her customers. She prioritizes creativity, job satisfaction, and prompt response times, even throughout the downsizing and restructuring processes. Mechaly believes that the conventional marketing-driven approach in the fashion industry has become outdated and asserts that what luxury brands truly need to deliver is exclusivity and uniqueness. Honoring her late mother’s legacy, Mechaly aspires to reintroduce spontaneity into the fashion world while staying true to her vision.

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