Paul Smith, the esteemed UK luxury fashion house, has experienced a notable boost in online sales and revenue through the implementation of new technology. Following an extensive eight-week upgrade, the company has reported significant improvements in various key metrics. Revenue from search has soared by an impressive 74%, e-commerce conversion rates have increased by 31%, and per session value has seen a substantial rise of 26%. These advancements can be attributed to the collaboration between Paul Smith and tech expert Klevu, as well as the digital agency Limesharp.

By integrating Klevu’s cutting-edge search and category merchandising software, Paul Smith has achieved greater efficiency in delivering accurate search results to online shoppers. The improved speed and accuracy of search results have greatly enhanced the overall shopping experience on the website. Concurrently, Limesharp has revamped the company’s e-commerce platform with a highly flexible and customizable architecture that aligns perfectly with the brand’s objectives and requirements.

Hannah Bennett, the Head of Digital at Paul Smith, expressed her frustration with the previous website that failed to authentically represent the brand’s unique and impeccably designed physical stores. Bennett desired a digital flagship that truly embodied the essence of Paul Smith, its exceptional products, and its discerning customer base. By embracing new and innovative technology, the brand aimed to continuously improve and remain at the forefront of the luxury fashion industry.

Additionally, Klevu’s category merchandising solution has proven to be particularly impactful, resulting in a remarkable 34% increase in conversion rates and a noteworthy 20% increase in per session value for men’s category pages. Women’s category pages have also experienced substantial growth, with a 49% increase in conversion rates and a commendable 15% increase in per session value.

The successful integration of advanced technology has enabled Paul Smith to elevate their digital commerce experience, ultimately leading to higher online conversions and increased revenue. With their unwavering commitment to innovation, the brand is determined to maintain its position as a leader in the luxury fashion industry.

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