Paul&Shark, the esteemed Italian luxury fashion brand, has recently made its debut in one of the world’s premier shopping destinations by opening a store in London’s Regent Street. CEO Andrea Dini explains that the brand selected London for its international allure, as only a handful of cities globally hold such significance in the retail realm. When asked to name other important cities, Dini highlights Paris, New York, Shanghai, and Dubai as the top contenders, with Dubai experiencing rapid growth during the pandemic.

Dubai has been attracting individuals from various countries due to its relaxed Covid regulations and job opportunities. Dini recognizes the importance of these global shopping cities while acknowledging that Italian cities, such as Milan, have their own appeal but lack the marketing reputation of London.

In terms of why London and specifically Regent Street were chosen, Dini praises the city as a “very interesting” and “special marketing tool.” The upper part of Regent Street was deemed ideal for the new Paul&Shark store due to its combination of quality and quantity, attracting both high-end customers and a steady flow of foot traffic. Although locations like Knightsbridge, Bond Street, and Covent Garden would also suit the brand, Dini explains that Bond Street’s low foot traffic and focus on high-value customers may not align with Paul&Shark’s brand positioning.

The design of the London store distinguishes it from previous Paul&Shark locations. Dini collaborated with a Milan-based architectural firm to create a lighter and more sustainable concept, preserving the brand’s heritage while incorporating recycled and leftover materials such as cotton and wool, as well as ceramic powder. The initial response to the store has been positive, although the unusually warm weather may have influenced customer preferences. Dini notes that Middle Eastern customers tend to visit after 6 pm, while general tourists have a less predictable schedule.

Paul&Shark presently operates 15 directly managed stores and 150 franchised stores. The brand has a presence in various Italian cities, including Venice, Milan, Verona, Florence, Rome, Porta Del Mare (a popular summer resort area), and Cortina (a prominent winter resort area). Looking ahead, the brand intends to open new stores in Madrid and New York in 2024. The CEO also expresses interest in reopening in Shanghai, as traffic in that direction continues to grow. Despite the challenges faced in Hong Kong, Paul&Shark aims to maintain its presence in the city with a revamped store concept after Chinese New Year.

Overall, the CEO of Paul&Shark emphasizes the significance of top global shopping cities like London and the crucial role they play in the success of luxury brands. By strategically selecting Regent Street for their flagship store, Paul&Shark aims to leverage the city’s reputation and attract a diverse range of customers. With plans for expansion and a fresh design concept, the brand is positioning itself for continued growth in the global fashion market.

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