Global fashion infrastructure specialist PDS Limited has recently taken major steps to expand its operations and enhance its brand management services. The company first partnered with renowned fashion brand Ted Baker and became the operator of Ted Baker Design Group. Now, PDS has acquired The Radius Group and established PDS Radius Brands, enabling it to further expand its brand development services on a global scale.

Under the leadership of Damian Hopkins, the CEO and founder of The Radius Group, PDS Radius Brands will operate as a division of PDS Limited. The goal of this new division is to offer exceptional end-to-end brand management and development infrastructure for brands and retailers around the world. This includes comprehensive supply chain solutions, support for market entry, licensing services, and effective marketing strategies. Notably, PDS Radius Brands is committed to promoting environmental, social, and ethical values throughout its operations.

The headquarters of PDS Radius Brands will be located in London, making use of the global offices of its parent company. This division will provide comprehensive brand management services for the fashion and home sectors, covering everything from design to delivery. Moreover, PDS Radius Brands will prioritize ethical sourcing services, placing a strong emphasis on integrity and sustainability. The range of services offered by this division also includes licensing and brand development across all product categories within the fashion and home industries.

This strategic move aligns perfectly with PDS Limited’s vision of becoming a leading global platform for fashion supply chain infrastructure. Vice-Chairman Pallak Seth expressed great excitement about the collaboration with Damian Hopkins, highlighting Hopkins’ remarkable expertise in launching, repositioning, and transforming brands. Seth firmly believes that harnessing Hopkins’ experience alongside PDS’ extensive global design and supply platform will position the company as an industry leader.

Overall, PDS Limited’s acquisition of The Radius Group and the establishment of PDS Radius Brands signifies a significant leap forward for the company. By strengthening its brand management and development capabilities, PDS is well-equipped to meet the changing demands of brands and retailers worldwide while upholding ethical and sustainable practices.

For more information on PDS Limited and its newly formed division, PDS Radius Brands, please visit their official websites:

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