Pharrell Williams, a polymath with an extensive network of friends and collaborators, is known for his versatile endeavors. He engages in conversations with some of his friends, such as Kaws and Zendaya, through his podcast, OTHERTone. Others in his inner circle, including Jay-Z, Travis Scott, and Nile Rodgers, have been invited to perform at his Something in the Water festival, held in Virginia Beach. And then there are those like SZA, Blondey McCoy, and Tyler, the Creator, who are enlisted for appearances in advertisements for his multidisciplinary label, Humanrace. More recently, Pharrell has taken the helm of Louis Vuitton’s menswear division, making waves in the high-fashion world.

In an addition to the prestigious lineup of faces gracing Louis Vuitton campaigns, LeBron James has recently joined Pharrell’s circle, following the footsteps of Rihanna, who made headlines with her pregnant Louis Vuitton campaign appearance.

LeBron James’ Louis Vuitton campaign coincides with the retail launch of Pharrell’s first-ever Louis Vuitton collection, aptly named ‘Louis Vuitton Lovers’. This campaign not only emphasizes the ongoing significance of celebrity culture in the fashion industry but also highlights the enduring impact of streetwear.

Pharrell’s collection champions a future where formalwear and streetwear coexist harmoniously, mutually influencing one another, echoing the visionary approach of his late friend and designer, Virgil Abloh. While Louis Vuitton is traditionally associated with tailored suits and exquisite leather travel bags, it now introduces playful monogram boots, stylish compact bags, cozy pajamas suitable for a night out at Nobu, and elevated camo sweatshirts. This blend of formal and streetwear signifies a refreshing direction for the iconic fashion brand.

For avid fans of Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton era, there is exciting news to share: Selfridges’ The Corner Shop, situated on the ground floor of the original London store, has undergone a transformation into an ‘LV Lovers’ haven to commemorate the collection’s launch.

This collaboration with Selfridges is a fitting choice, as the department store has a long-standing history of supporting Pharrell. They were the first British retailer to offer his Humanrace skincare range, and they also stock Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM, labels that Pharrell co-founded with Nigo.

Tim Charles for Selfridges

The ‘LV Lovers’ pop-up at Selfridges offers an immersive experience featuring cluster cubes that replicate the pixelated damoflage and damier pop prints from the collection. It transports visitors to the iconic Pont Neuf bridge in Paris, where Pharrell’s initial Louis Vuitton show took place.

Tim Charles for Selfridges

The most exciting aspect is that select pieces from the Spring-Summer 2024 collection will be available for purchase at the pop-up. This opportunity allows fans to embrace the style essence of LeBron James, Rihanna, and the extensive network of influencers surrounding Pharrell.