Philipp Plein, the renowned designer known for his extravagant brand and lifestyle, recently hosted a lavish event during the Duty-Free and Travel Retail Global Summit in Cannes. The event served as a platform for Plein to introduce various new products and collaborations, including his first women’s fragrance, a sunglass style with its own NFT, and a new Skeleton watch model developed in partnership with Timex.

The event, held at Plein’s private home, “La Jungle du Roi,” was a grand affair that drew buyers from all over the world. Guests were treated to an evening filled with live music, flowing champagne, delectable seafood, and mouthwatering desserts, all meticulously curated to create an unforgettable experience.

During the event, Plein emphasized the importance of licensing in the brand’s expansion strategy. He revealed plans for a hotel currently under construction in Milan, highlighting his ambition to extend the reach of the Philipp Plein brand beyond fashion. Guests had the opportunity to explore Plein’s opulent villa, adorned with stunning floral arrangements, vibrant neon lights, larger-than-life artworks by Orlinski Koons, and luxury cars, all reflecting Plein’s unique and extravagant aesthetic.

One of the highlights of the evening was the unveiling of Plein’s first women’s fragrance, ‘Plein Fatale.’ Plein expressed his dedication to making women happy, acknowledging the complexities of pleasing them. To create this fragrance, Plein collaborated with renowned perfumer Alberto Morillas, known for his successful creations for brands like CK Calvin Klein and Yves St. Laurent. The fragrance offers three variations to cater to different preferences, capturing the essence of femininity.

In addition to the fragrance, Plein showcased an innovative sunglass style, The Crypto King$ Limited Edition. Plein claims that this collaboration marks the first-ever sunglass NFT, a testament to his forward-thinking approach. These sunglasses were incredibly popular at the recent SILMO trade show in Paris, where they sold out an impressive 1,200 pairs in just two days. Plein is a strong advocate for cryptocurrency, being the first luxury company to accept crypto payments both in-store and online. He firmly believes in the future potential of crypto and its inherent advantages for consumers.

Another highlight of the event was the presentation of the new Skeleton watch model, inspired by Plein’s sneaker collection. Created in collaboration with renowned watchmaker Timex, this watch features a striking skull motif on its face. Plein and Timex have high expectations for this watch, with sales projections set at 25 million euros.

Throughout the evening, guests were entertained by the talented band The Gypsy Queens, who ensured a lively atmosphere. Plein’s commitment to his new products was further emphasized through the screening of three films shot in Paris, New York, and the metaverse, providing guests with a glimpse into his creative process and inspirations.

As the event came to a close, guests relished in the music and ambiance while Plein assured them that his home was their home. Plein’s five-month-old son, who peacefully slept through the festivities, became a subject of joking, with Plein humorously attributing the baby’s sleep to his own shining aura.

In summary, the extravagant event hosted by Philipp Plein not only showcased his dedication to expanding his brand but also demonstrated his commitment to offering innovative and boundary-pushing products. Through the introduction of his women’s fragrance, sunglass NFT collaboration, and Skeleton watch model, Plein continues to redefine the fashion industry.

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