Phoebe Philo, the highly acclaimed British designer known for her work at fashion houses Celine and Chloé, is embarking on a new venture as she prepares to launch her own fashion label. Backed by LVMH with a minority stake, Philo will have majority ownership of her brand, granting her complete creative control and the freedom to experiment with her designs. This announcement is met with great anticipation among women who admire Philo’s distinct and influential design aesthetic.

Philo expressed her excitement about her return to the fashion industry and reconnecting with her audience in a statement. She also highlighted her longstanding and positive working relationship with LVMH, making them a natural choice to collaborate on this new project. Speculation about Philo’s own brand has been circulating for some time, as she was reportedly recruiting designers as early as spring 2020. However, plans may have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her involvement as a member of the Andam prize jury hinted at Philo’s desire to take a more active role on the global fashion stage. While details about her new label are still scarce, it is expected to focus on womenswear, which has always been Philo’s specialty. The brand is likely to position itself as a high-end luxury label, emphasizing exceptional quality. Additionally, being based in London allows Philo to remain close to home, a preference she reportedly had while working for Paris-based brands.

Following in the footsteps of designers like Stella McCartney, Philo’s majority ownership of her label allows her to have creative control while benefiting from the resources and expertise of a major fashion conglomerate like LVMH. This arrangement has proven successful for other designers who have gained control over their brands.

The timing of Philo’s label launch is opportune, as the fashion industry is expected to experience a strong rebound in the post-Covid era. Late 2022 is anticipated to be a period of significant growth and recovery for the luxury segment, aligning perfectly with Philo’s entry into the market. Fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders eagerly await further details about Philo’s new brand, which is scheduled to launch in January.

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