Pierre Cardin’s multi-faceted business empire, which encompasses fashion, theater, culture, licensing, real estate, and restaurants, is poised to continue flourishing on a global scale. Rodrigo Basilicati, the nephew of the late fashion designer, recently unveiled his plans for the future during a press conference. He emphasized the importance of revitalizing the ready-to-wear line, expanding the label’s design studio with new talent, and staging a major catwalk event aimed at attracting a younger demographic on December 29, 2021. As the president of the Pierre Cardin Evolution holding company, Basilicati is deeply committed to honoring his uncle’s legacy.

Speaking at Maxim’s restaurant in Paris, Basilicati outlined his strategy for refreshing and relaunching the brand while remaining faithful to Pierre Cardin’s distinctive vision. His objective is to give the storefront displays a contemporary touch while preserving the brand’s identity. As the head of the expanded design studio, Basilicati intends to channel his uncle’s mindset and safeguard Cardin’s expertise, including the meticulous tailoring techniques and exquisitely crafted silhouettes.

Currently, the company boasts a workforce of approximately 60 individuals, with 23 dedicated to the fashion label. Basilicati plans to augment the design team by hiring 20 additional members and plans to ensure the transmission of Cardin’s techniques to the next generation. While no concrete plans have been announced for Pierre Courtial, who closely collaborated with Cardin, Basilicati hinted at the possibility of Courtial launching his own label.

Cardin had shared his ideas and left sketches for new designs with his nephew in 2020. These sketches will be brought to life in a tribute fashion show scheduled for December 29, 2021, precisely one year after Cardin’s passing. The show will showcase both unreleased creations by Cardin himself and fresh designs from the studio, marking the first time that posthumous models will be presented.

Basilicati emphasized the significance of inspiring the brand’s licensees, who represent a key revenue stream. The number of active Cardin licenses worldwide has dwindled, and Basilicati aims to captivate a younger audience while pursuing new licensing opportunities for previously unexplored product lines. The anticipated release of the film “House of Cardin” in 43 countries is projected to generate renewed interest in the brand.

The Cardin group also has ambitious plans for the transformation of Maxim’s restaurant into a bustling cultural and event hub, as well as reanimating the Lacoste Festival as the “Art of the theater.” Furthermore, an innovative space named Espace Cardin will be established in Houdan, serving as a center for entertainment, exhibitions, an academy, and design studios.

In conclusion, Pierre Cardin’s unparalleled legacy is set to thrive across diverse fields, with a dedicated focus on rejuvenating the ready-to-wear line, preserving Cardin’s expertise, and capturing the attention of a younger demographic. Basilicati’s ambitious plans encompass expanding the design team, organizing a grand tribute show, and seeking new licensing opportunities. Additionally, the brand’s various ventures, such as theater, culture, and real estate, will undergo revitalization and relaunch. The future shines bright for the Pierre Cardin empire under the capable leadership of Rodrigo Basilicati.

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