Both in love and on a professional level, this relationship can work provided that the ascendants or planets of one or the other are in agreement in the birth chart. If we refer only to the zodiac signs, this pair of signs is in no way compatible.

Aries could easily be destabilized by the not very pragmatic attitude of Pisces, a mysterious sign with a rich inner world. You risk seeing him as a hypocritical and crafty person, simply because Pisces hardly takes the initiative. For his part, the hypersensitive and shy Pisces risks feeling uncomfortable from the aggression of Aries.

Sexual compatibility and intimacy

Aries and Pisces are two signs that really have a hard time connecting. The beginning of all things is at 0 ° of Aries and their end at 29 ° of Pisces. Their connection is like a little death that makes room for all that is new, wild and inexperienced. It is difficult for them to bond, just as it is difficult for all of us to transcend, go beyond our physical bodies and be one with the Universe. That said, it is understandable how difficult it is for their sexual nature to accept each other.


Together with Aries holding their heads high, their attractive and direct demeanor and their libido, it is not easy for sensitive fish to not pick up those signals emitted all around. This will immediately affect the degree of their confidence. It’s hard to open up when you don’t trust your partner, so Pisces will stay in their little world for as long as possible, just to avoid being hurt and lied to. Aries will see their partner’s world as a phony and unclear image that is not needed, and they will find their Pisces partner shady and unworthy of her trust.

Communication and intellect

Aries and Pisces may find a lot to talk about if they open up for mutual support and advice. Although they are interested in completely different things most of the time, they are still connected as close signs and have a way of leaning on each other. Through their relationship they need to know their weaknesses and how to fix them in order to be complete. It’s not exactly how they complement each other, but the effect they have on each other can be like the correct medicine.


Their emotional worlds are like two different planets that rule their signs: Mars and Neptune. While Mars, the ruler of Aries, is covered in rust, a red-colored desert with volcanoes, canyons and bad weather, Neptune is a blue gas giant, cold, windswept and much farther from the Sun. This is exactly the way it is. where their emotions differ. The ones that Aries cares about the most are well defined, strong, protected and colored with a color of passion. Pisces, on the other hand, have a windy and changing emotional world, colored blue as the color of sadness and vision, and they get cold easily as soon as they feel disappointed.


It’s funny how they both appreciate honesty and have such barriers of trust when they get together. When they get involved, trust becomes something like the sole purpose of their entire relationship.

Shared activities

They might share a walk in the forest or enjoy water sports. Other activities Aries would gladly undertake are not spiritual enough for Pisces. Pisces always need a second perspective and this can seem insane to their Aries partner. Yes, the Pisces partner knows that sports are healthy, but they need to attach them to something of their infinite world. So water sports are fine, because of all the secrets of water, the view of the ocean, being underwater and contemplating the purpose of life, or a dip in the pool.

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