The understanding between these two signs is possible. Sagittarius needs to build a relationship projected into the future, they are organized and have a strong sense of adventure. Pisces, for his part, is unconventional, he loves to improvise, to live day by day without worrying about tomorrow.

If these two signs find common ground and common passions, they will not struggle to build a solid and lasting relationship. Otherwise, everyone will live his life until he/she finds someone else who knows how to indulge his/her wishes.

Sexual compatibility and intimacy

If they ever manage to end up in a physical relationship, they will have a lot of fun. As two shifting signs, there will be no end to their creativity and changes in positions, scenarios and levels of engagement and intimacy. Their sex life will have ups and downs, emotions and disappointments, too many expectations and many surprises. The best thing about their relationship is the positivity shared by both partners and a lot of laughter and fun they will share in their sex life.


It will be very difficult for Sagittarius and Pisces to trust each other, but they will probably accept it as perfectly normal. This is the beauty of Jupiter’s rule: it all makes sense in their relationship. The Sagittarius partner is too passionate and likes to have a lot of options when it comes to relationships. They will rarely settle down with someone who lacks a strong decision to win them over. Pisces, on the other hand, will be too sensitive as they try to show their imaginary strength. They may end up following their Sagittarius partner on adventures they are not ready for, sad due to their partner’s lack of emotional understanding, and ready to open up to someone else. Regardless of the purpose of every little thing they do, they will often have skewed expectations of each other and this will lead to unintended dishonesty.

Communication and intellect

When we exclude the emotional and physical sides of their relationship, a Sagittarius and Pisces partner will be best friends, almost inseparable, for a while. There is no way to determine how long their relationship will last, and unless supported by fixed markings in their personal cards, they will rarely stay there for long.


Their relationship will be an emotional roller coaster for both partners, but it will rarely last very long. The relationship they will build through communication and understanding of each other’s worlds will awaken emotions through excitement and the unexpected. They will laugh at each other with an open heart and share wonderful emotions for as long as they are at the beginning of their relationship. As soon as problems start to arise, they will both feel their emotions fade away, as if the whole relationship is superficial.


The biggest difference here is the value the Pisces partner places on emotions, because Sagittarius often don’t really understand this approach. If they connect through deep love, they will easily overcome it and the emotions they share will make Sagittarius understand their partner. In general, they will agree on many things. They will evaluate each other’s utopias, people with good heart, knowledge, broad perspective and travel. They will understand the sense of non-belonging of the other and will share the sense of a higher power.

Shared activities

As long as they are in a glamorous phase of their relationship, they will be inseparable. They both need to grab all that is offered and leave nothing joyful unused, unspoken and left for tomorrow. It is as if they are both hungry for happiness in a dark world they have stumbled upon, and when they meet someone so charming it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to have fun. Over time they will realize that although they share the same need for movement and scenery changes, they may not need the same content in their lives and Sagittarius will engage in physical activity, philosophy and travel, while Pisces will usually return. to creative work and the search for love.

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