Pocket Styler, the popular fashion gaming mobile app developed by Nordcurrent, has announced the launch of a groundbreaking feature called Pocket Styler Studio. This new desktop fashion creator platform aims to revolutionize the industry by allowing players to design virtual clothes and create entire fashion collections, including accessories and shoes, just like real-life fashion designers. The introduction of this feature marks the first time such a tool has been implemented in a mobile fashion game.

The most significant advantage of Pocket Styler Studio is that fashion enthusiasts and digital designers can market their creations under their own “designer label” name and sell them in-game to millions of players. In exchange for their sales, players will receive in-game currency, providing them with a new source of income within the game. This feature is unprecedented in the world of mobile fashion gaming and is expected to have a profound impact on the industry.

Additionally, Pocket Styler Studio offers potential benefits for fashion forecasting. The platform provides real-time data on the best-selling new styles, enabling fashion houses and designer labels to identify up-and-coming creatives. Several renowned fashion brands have already expressed interest in this feature, and Nordcurrent is currently discussing potential collaborations with these brands. This collaboration will allow designers to showcase their items within the app, giving them valuable exposure within the fashion industry.

Since its launch in May 2021, Pocket Styler has garnered immense popularity, boasting over 21 million downloads and attracting 100,000 gamers who spend an astounding 10,000 hours on the app daily. Nordcurrent’s CEO, Victoria Trofimova, envisions that the introduction of Pocket Styler Studio has the potential to democratize fashion design, providing an opportunity for anyone, regardless of their location, to become a fashion designer and establish their own fashion brand within the game.

So, how does Pocket Styler Studio work exactly? The platform offers a range of Photoshop-style, browser-based tools that allow users to edit apparel shapes, colors, and detailing. This creates an experience that closely resembles real-life fashion design. The platform then effortlessly renders the designed products to fit the avatars in the Pocket Styler game.

Players have the freedom to design any fashion item and customize it according to their preferences. They can choose from a color palette or select from partnered fabric options and make design choices on various details, such as neckline style, sleeve design, skirt length silhouette, fit, and visual details like buttons or visible stitching. In the accessories category, players can select shoe styles, pattern/color, and heel heights to create unique garments. The designs are saved in the designer’s profile until they are ready to be marketed within the app. Moreover, players can create their own logos and earn in-game currency for every item sold to other players.

According to Nordcurrent, the early stage uptake of Pocket Styler Studio has been impressive, displaying a strong interest from players. With its innovative features and potential collaborations with real-world fashion brands, this platform has the ability to transform the way fashion is experienced and created within the gaming industry. Pocket Styler Studio truly brings the world of fashion design to the fingertips of millions of players worldwide.

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