In an exciting development for the fashion industry, Poeticgem Group, a retail design and sourcing solutions company under PDS Limited, recently announced its acquisition of the brand intellectual property (IP) of Little Mistress. This strategic move grants Poeticgem ownership of various brands under the Little Mistress umbrella, empowering them to design, source, and distribute the portfolio worldwide.

Little Mistress, a well-established brand with a thirteen-year history, is renowned for its women’s occasionwear, including bridesmaid dresses, as well as its casual daywear. Moreover, it is a major provider of white-label brands for the high street. Poeticgem’s acquisition of Little Mistress highlights the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences across the entire fashion value chain to its global customers.

In addition to the acquisition, Mark Ashton, the CEO and founder of Little Mistress, will also be joining Poeticgem. He will continue to drive the brand under a new trading name, Moda & Beyond, as part of the Poeticgem umbrella. This partnership is seen as a perfect match, as Ashton and his team share the same values and ethos as Poeticgem. Together, they aim to provide their valued clientele with exceptional and unique fashion experiences.

Among the many advantages of this acquisition is the enhanced short lead capability of Little Mistress. With the solid financial support of Poeticgem Group, this capability will be further strengthened. Ashton also highlighted the successful collaborations of Little Mistress with brands like Sainsbury’s, including the recent launch of the Vogue Williams x Little Mistress X Sainsbury collection. These partnerships underscore the commitment to innovation and forward-thinking shared by both Poeticgem and Little Mistress.

By joining forces, Poeticgem and Little Mistress are poised to establish a powerful presence in the fashion industry, offering customers a wide range of stylish and innovative products. This acquisition marks a significant step towards expanding the global reach of both brands and providing exceptional fashion experiences to a diverse customer base.

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