The Very Group, a prominent online retailer, recently reported positive sales growth during the crucial seven-week period leading up to December 22nd. Surprisingly, it was not fashion that fueled this growth, but rather the categories of toys, gifts & beauty, and electrical products. Despite challenging market conditions, the company revealed that it had a strong Christmas trading period.

Specifically, the UK division of witnessed a 3.4% increase in retail sales compared to the previous year. This boost in sales contributed to the overall retail sales growth of the group, which reached 2.1%. The company proudly stated that it consistently outperformed the UK online non-food retail market and successfully gained market share during this period.

Within the specific categories that performed particularly well, toys, gifts & beauty experienced an impressive increase of 8.8%, while electrical sales rose by 7.4%. The company noted that popular items included games consoles and perfumes, with the Marc Jacobs perfume line standing out as a top seller.

On the other hand, fashion & sports suffered a decline of 3.9%, although premium fashion exhibited strong growth at 14.7%. The home category also faced a setback with a decline of 2.9%. While exact figures for the company’s Littlewoods and Very Ireland divisions were not disclosed, it can be inferred that Littlewoods experienced a decline in sales, given the overall lower group sales compared to the Very UK division.

CEO Lionel Desclée expressed his satisfaction with the company’s performance, attributing it to a diverse range of products, competitive pricing, an engaging marketing campaign, and an enhanced online shopping experience. Desclée specifically highlighted the success of the company’s Black Friday deals, which attracted both new and existing customers.

Despite acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead for all retailers in the coming year, Desclée maintained confidence in The Very Group’s operating model. By utilizing a multi-category digital retail platform and offering flexible payment options, the company is able to remain resilient and serve as a convenient one-stop-shop for families.

In summary, The Very Group experienced a positive Christmas trading period, driven by strong sales in the toys, gifts & beauty, and electrical categories. Though fashion and home categories saw declines, premium fashion showcased notable growth. The company remains optimistic about the future and is confident in its ability to navigate the challenges of the retail industry.

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