The news of a possible collaboration between Crocs, Inc. and Justin Bieber sent the company’s share price soaring. Following Bieber’s Instagram post featuring a photo of Crocs floating in a pool with the caption “Soon,” speculation ran wild among his massive online following and caught the attention of investors.

This excitement translated into a significant increase in Crocs, Inc.’s share price, which surged over 12 percent during the day’s trading. The company ultimately finished up nearly six percent on Wall Street. While Crocs has not made any official announcements regarding a collaboration with Bieber, the market responded positively to the speculation.

The potential partnership with Bieber would not be out of the ordinary for Crocs, as the company has a history of collaborating with celebrities. Just this week, Crocs released a limited-edition shoe in collaboration with Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, revealing the brand’s openness to partnerships. This openness raises the possibility of a future collaboration between Crocs and Bieber.

As of now, Crocs, Inc. has not released any further information or statements regarding the Bieber speculation. Whether or not a collaboration will actually come to fruition remains to be seen. However, the market’s enthusiastic response to Bieber’s Instagram post highlights the significant influence and impact that celebrity partnerships can have on a company’s stock performance.

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