In a recent statement, Prada CEO Andrea Guerra revealed that the Italian fashion group is considering a dual listing on the Milan stock exchange. While it may not be their top priority at the moment, a dual listing in Europe would present an opportunity for Prada to attract a wider range of investors. This is particularly crucial because certain funds can only invest in European or U.S. stocks.

However, Guerra clarified that Prada does not currently have any immediate plans for mergers or acquisitions in the next 3-5 years. Instead, the company intends to concentrate on organic growth. Guerra stressed the importance of Prada remaining a prominent player in the fashion industry and asserted their commitment to maintaining their role in the market.

In summary, while a dual listing on the Milan stock exchange is being considered, Prada remains focused on organic growth and has no immediate plans for mergers or acquisitions. CEO Andrea Guerra emphasizes the significance of Prada’s position in the industry.

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