Italian luxury brand Prada is reportedly in talks with Goldman Sachs to potentially conduct a second listing in Milan in order to raise a minimum of $1 billion. This move would enable Prada to expand its investor base, particularly among funds that are restricted to investing in European or US stocks. Although Prada’s Chairman, Paolo Zannoni, has acknowledged the possibility of a secondary listing, he has stated that it is not currently a priority for the company. It is worth noting that Prada’s Co-Chief Executive Officer, Miuccia Prada, and her husband, Patrizio Bertelli, who hold a majority stake in the company, are unlikely to reduce their stake through this deal.

The details of conducting a dual listing between Hong Kong and Milan are still being discussed by Prada and its advisers. The timing and size of the potential listing have not been finalized. Prada and Goldman Sachs have refrained from commenting on this matter.

If Prada goes ahead with the second listing in Milan, it would be a significant move for the renowned Italian luxury brand. In addition to raising substantial funds, this step would also provide an opportunity for investors who are limited to European or US stocks to partake in Prada’s growth.

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