In an effort to further its commitment to protecting the ocean, Prada has announced that it will be increasing its financial support for the Sea Beyond project. Launched in collaboration with Unesco’s Inter-governmental Oceanographic Commission in 2019, the project’s main objective is to enhance our understanding of the world’s oceans. As part of this increased support, Prada will be donating 1% of the revenue generated from its Re-Nylon collection sales to the project for the next two years.

Lorenzo Bertelli, the head of CSR for the Prada group, made this announcement during a conference held at Unesco’s headquarters in Paris. The Re-Nylon collection, which includes clothing, handbags, and footwear made entirely from 100% recycled nylon, has become a significant revenue generator for Prada since its introduction in 2021. The collection is produced using recycled yarn sourced from plastic waste such as fishing nets and carpet scraps found in the ocean.

Prada’s Sea Beyond project also emphasizes the importance of educating students worldwide about ocean conservation. Through this initiative, Prada has already engaged 600 students and 120 children from 15 different countries in educational programs and workshops. The aim is to raise awareness about the threat of plastic pollution and other issues that impact our oceans, with the hope of inspiring ecological consciousness among young people. Unesco’s Ocean Education program overseen by Francesca Santoro expressed a desire to expand the project’s reach and integrate its educational programs into school curricula.

Beyond education, Prada has plans to support scientific research and humanitarian projects related to ocean conservation. The company will be funding the final phase of a research project led by Italian biologist Giovanni Chimienti, who has discovered a large black coral forest in Italy’s Tremiti islands and is dedicated to protecting it. Prada will also collaborate with French charity Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries Without Borders) to develop ocean-focused content for underprivileged children.

Looking towards the future, Prada and Unesco’s IOC will organize a preparatory forum in Venice in 2024 in anticipation of the UN Ocean Conference in 2025. Prada’s goal is to continue raising awareness among younger generations and the general public about ocean issues. The company also aims to support existing educational structures in this field and invest in methodologies that measure progress in raising awareness. Ultimately, Prada envisions creating a center in Venice that will foster discussions about ocean conservation among people of all age groups.

Prada’s commitment to ocean protection reflects a growing trend among luxury brands to advocate for sustainability and environmental conservation. By utilizing its influence and resources, Prada is making a significant impact on raising awareness and supporting initiatives focused on preserving our oceans, one of Earth’s most precious resources.

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