According to a recent report by UK card payment provider Dojo, Primark has emerged as one of the winners in the wake of the UK reopening non-essential stores. The study reveals that Primark, along with Ikea and several sports shops, experienced a surge in popularity among consumers. The report also highlights Portsmouth as the city where shoppers are spending the most. Additionally, charity shops across the country have seen increased demand.

The data from Dojo indicates that the most searched-for retail store ahead of the reopening in April was Ikea, with a staggering 984% increase compared to February. Primark closely followed with an 854% rise, while Matalan saw an 826% increase and Clarks experienced a 614% rise. Other notable stores include Sports Direct (+397%), Homesense (+308%), JD Sports (+280%), The Body Shop (+266%), Waterstones (+242%), and TK Maxx (+209%).

Primark’s lack of an online store, combined with its affordable fashion offerings, likely contributed to its popularity among shoppers. Matalan benefited from its diverse range of products, including school supplies, homewares, and fashion. Clarks experienced a boost from the return of kids to school, as parents sought the perfect-fitting shoes in-store. Sports stores may have thrived due to the resumption of after-school activities and the reopening of gyms.

When it comes to consumer spending, the study analyzed the amounts expended between April 12 and April 29. Portsmouth emerged as the city with the highest spend per person, averaging nearly £132. Coventry followed closely with just over £116, while Stockport and West London recorded just over £106. Guildford saw an average spend of almost £94, while Slough and Manchester exceeded £92. On the other hand, Derby spent just under £86, Southwest London spent just over £84, and Blackburn spent almost £81.

Prior to the reopening, there was a significant increase in searches for charity shops, with a 469% rise in queries about their reopening. However, this figure was overshadowed by searches for the reopening of nail salons, which saw a 474% increase. Questions regarding the reopening of hairdressers rose by 357%, while beauty salons experienced a 107% increase.

Overall, the reopening of non-essential stores in the UK has led to a surge in consumer spending, with Primark emerging as a prominent player in the post-lockdown fashion landscape. As shoppers return to physical stores, there have been notable shifts in the demand for various products and services, indicating a market in flux.

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