Promod, a popular women’s retailer with 418 stores, is gearing up to unveil a revamped visual identity this autumn. Under the leadership of President Julien Pollet, the brand has been dedicated to a strategy of transformation and sustainability for the past four years. With a turnover of 342 million euros, Promod is determined to adapt its offerings, maintain affordable prices, and minimize its impact on the planet. In a recent interview, Pollet shed light on the motivations behind the brand’s new visual identity and its commitment to sustainability.

The upcoming campaign and logo change for Promod serve as a means to highlight the company’s transformative endeavors. Pollet explains that Promod aims to transition from a mass business model, which involves producing a surplus of products at lower prices, to a more focused and responsible approach. The brand’s strategy, known as “responsible and tailor-made retail,” places emphasis on manufacturing fewer, higher-quality products that meet the expectations of customers.

Promod is also targeting a younger audience while staying true to its loyal customer base. Pollet emphasizes the brand’s desire to reignite the memories of former customers and encourage them to rediscover Promod’s daring and responsible offerings. However, he clarifies that this does not imply a shift towards a premium image; instead, Promod aims to assert itself more clearly in its positioning.

In terms of product offerings, Promod has reworked its range of essentials to ensure durability and maintain affordability. The brand has also expanded its price range by introducing higher-priced, more intricate products that contribute value to the collection. Moreover, Promod plans to expand its size range for the upcoming spring-summer 2023 season by offering sizes 46 and 48, catering to a broader group of consumers.

Promod is committed to making fashion more sustainable. Through its “Promod for good” program, the brand aims to increase the proportion of sustainable products in its collection. Currently, 48% of Promod’s products are considered more sustainable, and the brand strives to achieve 100% sustainability by 2025. Promod also prioritizes local imports, which account for 35% of its supply chain, allowing for more flexibility and fairer management.

Regarding its second-hand initiatives, Promod has shifted its focus from a customer-to-customer website to a trade-in program. Customers now have the option to send their items to Rediv (formerly known as Patatam) and receive a Promod voucher or choose to have a tree planted. Promod has seen success in collecting and selling second-hand items, and they are considering incorporating second-hand corners in stores or even launching a dedicated boutique concept for second-hand clothing.

Pollet also discussed the brand’s store concept, highlighting the development of a new version that is currently being implemented in select stores. The new layout features a brighter and more modular design that allows Promod’s visual and colorful products to take center stage. Additionally, the brand has reduced the size of the checkout areas to make more room for fitting rooms.

While Promod does not have plans for further expansion in France, it continues to evaluate store openings and closures based on market attractiveness. The brand has made strategic decisions to focus on French-speaking countries, allowing for better investment focus and resilience during times of crisis.

In terms of financial performance, Promod achieved a turnover of 342 million euros in 2021, breaking even for the first time since 2014. However, the current financial year has presented challenges, with sales in the first half down 14% compared to the previous year. Pollet remains optimistic that the winter season will determine the overall outcome.

Pollet acknowledges the rise in energy costs and raw material expenses but underscores the brand’s commitment to energy savings and limiting price increases for customers. He also expresses solidarity with the recent closure of fellow retailer Camaïeu, acknowledging the need for transformations in the clothing industry and the importance of stability and resources for successful adaptation.

Overall, Promod’s new visual identity reflects its strategy of transformation, sustainability, and responsible retail. The brand remains dedicated to meeting customer expectations while staying adaptable to industry changes and minimizing its environmental footprint. With an emphasis on quality, affordability, and inclusivity, Promod positions itself as a brand for the majority, inviting both loyal and new customers to experience its revamped offerings.

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