Puig, the Spanish luxury powerhouse behind renowned brands such as Carolina Herrera and Paco Rabanne, is steadily progressing towards its much-anticipated stock market debut. With plans to complete the process before the summer of this year, the company has successfully finalized a consortium of banks to support and guide its initial public offering (IPO). Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan have been appointed as global coordinators for the IPO, while Bank of America, BNP Paribas, Santander, BBVA, and Banco Sabadell will assume various roles as joint bookrunners or co-lead arrangers.

Legal matters pertaining to the IPO will be handled by Cuatrecasas and Linklaters. Widely regarded as one of the major events in the Spanish and European financial landscape in 2023, Puig’s stock market debut is set to unfold after Easter, with the aim of becoming a publicly traded company before the summer months.

The attractiveness of Puig in the market is rooted in its impressive brand portfolio which enjoys global recognition. Furthermore, the current flourishing state of the luxury industry in the stock market adds to the anticipation surrounding the company’s IPO. With its remarkable growth trajectory and robust financial standing, Puig currently holds a debt of just 1.2 billion euros. Initial estimations placed the company’s valuation between 8 and 10 billion euros a few months ago, though recent speculations suggest it may reach a valuation of 15 billion euros.

Regarding the portion of the company to be made available in the market, it is expected to fall within the range of 25% to 49% of its capital. Puig, currently wholly owned by the Puig family, has been strategically preparing for its stock market debut. Notably, the company recently restructured its organizational setup by consolidating all its businesses under the Puig Brands SA corporation. It also enhanced the influence of independent directors in its board of directors. Additionally, Puig acquired a majority stake in the German cosmetics company Dr. Barbara Sturm earlier this year, further expanding its presence in the luxury market.

The latest financial figures for Puig are from 2022, showcasing outstanding performance. The company achieved a remarkable 40% increase in sales, reaching an all-time high of 3.6 billion euros. A profit of 400 million euros was also recorded, signifying the potential for success in Puig’s upcoming entry into the stock market.

In closing, Puig’s imminent stock market debut is generating significant buzz due to its impressive brand portfolio, the flourishing luxury market, and the company’s extraordinary growth and financial stability. With the consortium of banks in place and the IPO process well underway, Puig is on track to make its mark on the stock market before summer arrives. This highly anticipated event holds the potential to reshape the luxury market, not only in Spain but also throughout Europe.

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