Sportswear company Puma has made a significant move in the world of Formula 1 by partnering with renowned music artist, creative, and designer A$AP Rocky. As part of the collaboration, A$AP Rocky will take on the role of Creative Director for Puma’s motorsport category, focusing on the intersection of sport and streetwear. His main responsibility will involve developing bespoke collections in collaboration with Puma’s new partnership with F1, influencing the brand’s design direction for future seasons.

Puma’s partnership with A$AP Rocky marks a milestone after their recent long-term partnership with F1, where they became the exclusive licensee and trackside retailer for all races. The fashion and style-focused industries have been increasingly engaging with motorsport, as seen through various brand partnerships with Formula 1 teams. Puma’s involvement in F1 stands out due to the brand’s size, their partnership with the entire sport, and the involvement of the always-newsworthy A$AP Rocky.

With its deep roots and heritage in the sport, Puma aims to explore the influence of streetwear and fashion beyond the racetrack. A$AP Rocky’s fashion knowledge, style, and cultural expertise are expected to bring fresh perspectives to F1’s growing audience. To gradually introduce his impact, A$AP Rocky will begin with creative exploration under the “in the lab” approach, which involves creating visual and video content for the brand throughout the rest of the year.

Already working behind the scenes as creative director and producer, A$AP Rocky is leading his first campaign that examines the impact of car culture in America on streetwear and fashion. He will also release an “extremely limited” Puma x F1 collection later this year, giving a sneak peek into a series of capsule collections planned for 2024, coinciding with high-visibility F1 races.

In the following year, A$AP Rocky will focus on collaborating with Puma and F1 teams to develop concepts and designs for exclusive collections during several Grand Prix races. He will curate activations at each race and serve as the Creative Director for all marketing efforts associated with the collections. This strategy extends beyond 2024, as A$AP Rocky plans to immerse himself fully in the creative design process for all Puma x F1 products, including racewear, fanwear, and fashion, by 2025.

Both Puma and A$AP Rocky are excited about expanding their audience and tapping into the connection between streetwear, fashion, and the sport itself. A$AP Rocky believes that working with iconic and innovative brands like Puma and F1 will inspire a shift in how brands approach taking risks and collaborating with diverse creatives.

Oliver Boden, Head of Licensing and Gaming at F1, expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with A$AP Rocky, as his creativity and commitment to innovation perfectly align with F1’s vision and development in apparel. They look forward to designing and curating the Puma and F1 range together, as well as incorporating F1 into new cultural and lifestyle spaces.

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