Puma, the German sportswear brand, is seizing the opportunity presented by the women’s World Cup to shed light on the need for soccer boots specifically designed for women’s feet. As female soccer players face a growing number of injuries, Puma aims to tackle the issue by offering boots that cater to the unique characteristics of women’s feet. Many prominent players have had to sit out of the tournament due to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures, and experts suggest that this high rate of injuries in women’s soccer may be partially attributed to wearing boots designed primarily for men.

A recent report conducted by soccer’s European Club Association unveiled that a staggering 82% of female players in Europe experience discomfort while wearing boots. Women typically have a lower instep and midfoot compared to men, underscoring the necessity for footwear that caters specifically to these anatomical differences.

Puma’s commitment to addressing this issue is especially significant at a time when sportswear companies are being scrutinized for their lack of boots tailored to women. The chair of the British Parliament’s Women and Equalities committee recently wrote to executives at Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Umbro, expressing concern over the high rate of ACL injuries and requesting information about their products for women.

However, major sports brands are now recognizing the business potential of women’s soccer and responding to the demand for gender-specific gear. Nike has recently launched a new line of boots for women, while Adidas has released three designs that were developed and tested with an equal gender split of contributors, ranging from amateur to professional athletes.

Puma CEO Arne Freundt proudly announced that over 90 players at the Women’s World Cup were sporting Puma boots, with 95% of them specifically opting for women-fit boots. Puma’s UK website features five different styles of soccer boots engineered specifically for the female foot, ranging in price from £75 ($97) to £200 ($258). Freundt stressed the importance of women’s fit boots in not only enhancing performance but also preventing injuries.

In an effort to further support women’s soccer, Puma is investing in a research study dedicated to studying ACL injuries in women’s soccer. The company aims to further develop their women-specific boots and improve their product offerings overall. Despite not disclosing specific sales figures for their women-fit boots, Freundt acknowledged the need to generate greater awareness of their benefits.

Puma currently sponsors several women’s teams, including Switzerland and Morocco, as well as individual athletes representing Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, and other nations. This year’s women’s World Cup has expanded to feature 32 teams, an increase from the 24 teams present in 2019, and a total of 736 players are participating in the tournament.

Overall, Puma’s focus on women’s soccer and their dedication to providing boots tailored to women’s feet underscores the brand’s commitment to supporting female athletes and addressing their specific needs. With the growing recognition of the importance of gender-specific sports gear, Puma is well-positioned to capitalize on the expanding market for women’s soccer footwear.

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