Excitement is in the air as Paris plays host to both fashion week and an NBA regular-season game. For only the second time in history, the NBA has brought a game to the French capital, providing a thrilling basketball experience for fans in France. Set to take place at the Paris-Bercy multisport arena on Thursday, the game will feature a matchup between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons.

The NBA is not only interested in captivating basketball fans in Europe, but also in generating a significant buzz around the game. Taking advantage of this event, Nike, the global leader in basketball footwear and apparel, has partnered with the NBA to design a special collection inspired by the two teams that will be playing.

However, Nike is not the only brand aiming to make an impact during the NBA’s Paris game. Puma, which re-entered the basketball segment in 2018, recently hosted an event at its temporary Puma house on the iconic Champs Élysées. This event showcased Puma’s latest models, including a new football/basketball crossover edition of the Rise Nitro sneaker, featuring the same colors as Neymar Jr.’s latest version of the Future Ultimate football boots.

During the presentation, Puma also organized a forum on its sneaker development process. This provided an opportunity for Jeff Gately, Puma’s senior product manager for basketball shoes, to answer questions from influencers, basketball enthusiasts, and professionals from the sports and fashion industries. Gately emphasized Puma’s unique approach to basketball shoe development, attributing it to the company’s startup mindset.

Although Puma may still have some catching up to do in the basketball segment, the brand is determined to make strides in the industry. Gately revealed that Puma’s U.S.-based product development team collaborates with other Puma designers working on different sports, such as football, to tap into specific technologies. They also work closely with top athletes like NBA player LaMelo Ball to create unique shoe designs.

In contrast to other industry brands that release numerous new models each year, Puma is taking a different approach. The brand focuses on a smaller number of products, prioritizing in-depth development, innovative technologies, and surprising styles that will satisfy consumers. This strategy allows Puma to ensure that consumers fully understand and appreciate its products.

Puma’s basketball comeback is gaining momentum, thanks in part to its collaboration with LaMelo Ball. Furthermore, the brand’s lifestyle range is gaining popularity, as Puma products make their way into fashion-forward stores and attract new customers. Puma’s strong performance is reflected in its global revenue of €6.2 billion for the first nine months of fiscal year 2022, and the brand is projected to achieve record-breaking sales and profitability results for the entire year.

With its unconventional approach and dedication to creating innovative and stylish basketball sneakers, Puma is determined to establish itself as a major player in the basketball market. As fans gear up for the NBA game in Paris, they can look forward to seeing athletes on the court showcasing Puma’s latest designs and witnessing the potential rise of a new leader in basketball footwear.

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