Quiz Clothing, a fast fashion company, has come under scrutiny after a damning news report revealed disturbing conditions at one of its garment factories in Leicester. The allegations state that workers at the factory were being paid as little as £3 an hour, with an undercover journalist being told that she would have to work two days without pay before earning between £3 and £4 per hour.

In response to the report, Quiz expressed deep concern over the allegations and thanked the press for shedding light on the issue. The company has stated that it is currently investigating the claims and deems them completely unacceptable. They discovered that one of their suppliers in Leicester had used a subcontractor, which goes against Quiz’s instructions. This subcontractor is also the subject of a National Living Wage complaint. As a result, Quiz has immediately suspended its partnership with the supplier and will be conducting further investigations.

Quiz emphasizes that it recognizes its social responsibilities and legal obligations, understanding the importance of sourcing products from manufacturers who meet appropriate standards. In addition to the immediate action taken, the company is committed to conducting a comprehensive review of its auditing processes to ensure ongoing compliance with its Ethical Code of Practice throughout the supply chain.

This scandal involving Quiz’s supply chain mirrors a similar controversy surrounding Boohoo, another fashion retailer. Both companies have faced issues with undisclosed subcontractors in their supply chains. However, while Boohoo’s market valuation remains high at £3 billion+ despite a 13% drop in share price, Quiz has been struggling financially in recent years. The company experienced a significant decrease in share price of over 6%, resulting in a market capitalization of less than £8 million. This decline is notable compared to Quiz’s shares being valued at over £2 each just two years ago, with the current trading price at a little over 6p per share.

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