Quiz, the omnichannel womenswear brand, has seen a strong recovery and performed well over the Christmas season. The company reported a total sales increase of 11% to £9.8 million in December, thanks to the high demand for its renowned dressy occasionwear.

Sales during the festive period showed a significant bounce-back in physical retail. UK stores and concessions saw a 19% increase in sales, reaching £6.2 million. Although Quiz experienced a smaller growth in its own webstore, with a 2% rise to £1.3 million, sales through third-party websites declined by 35% to £0.5 million. As a result, overall online sales were down by 14% to £1.8 million. Quiz anticipated this decline in online revenues through third-party websites, as it is prioritizing the growth of sales through its own website.

On an international level, Quiz performed well. Sales through five stores and 18 concessions in Ireland and international franchise partners increased by 20% to £1.8 million. This positive performance can primarily be attributed to the popularity of Quiz’s dressy range during the Christmas trading period.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and current macroeconomic pressures, Quiz remains optimistic about its future prospects. The company has a healthy cash balance and is encouraged by its positive performance in recent months. While Quiz acknowledges the potential impact of consumer demand on the sector, it expects to deliver profits in line with expectations for the year ending on March 31. Additionally, Quiz is confident in its ability to achieve further profitable revenue growth in the long term.

Overall, Quiz’s strong performance during the Christmas season reflects the continued demand for its dressy occasionwear. With a focus on growing sales through its own website and expanding its international presence, the brand is well-positioned for future success.

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